Which WoT Character Would Make a Good DM?

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Author: Melvar al'Caarn

Essay Submitted For Raising To Gaidin

Assignment: Name one character from the books who is not already a Warder and explain why he would fit perfectly in your company.

Why Elyas Machera would fit so well in to the Dai M'Hael

Yes why?

He has the same laid-back style as we have. He doesn't care what everyone else thinks and he is bonded to Rina Sedai, Sitter of the Green Ajah. He is the brains behind the muscle in the pack of wolves. The only problem is that he is also a loner. He doesn't confront people it he doesn't have to and he is also running from the Aes Sedai. We on the other hand, do everything for the Aes Sedai and we don't run from them. But other than that I guess he is a pretty good fit :). I mean he is a good friend and he has all the qualities a good man should have. He is someone you can rely on and he is always there for you. For example, when Perrin's wife is kidnapped, Elyas is there for him all the time doing all he can to help.

Elyas is someone to look up to and he is even admired by the Aiel for his way of living and his tracking and hiding skills. He even taught Lan a few things about being a Warder.

I think he would fit in to the group well because he is the way he is. Laid back and a little live and let live. He takes the day as it comes and he doesn't have a care in the world. Kinda like Doc :P and he fits right in, doesn't he. ;) haha.