VC Chronicle August 2009 Edition

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August 2009 Edition

Welcome Notes

Welcome to the August Edition of the VC Chronicle well there isn't really much to report at the moment just read and see what we have.

Summer Euro

This party was great and lots of fun.

Only One Wolf in attendance for this years Summer Euro in Driebergen along with two lovely VC Aes Sedai.


Sephrenia Noita-Lucas al'Baine-Cealestis Lumen

The Kinderden

Its been a few weeks now since Oddey Bird announced to us about his wonderful son.

The young pup named Ulrik was welcomed into the world 09.08.2009. at 10.15 GMT +1.

More announcements will come in the following weeks as more pups spring to life.

Celebrating Success

August saw the rasings of Alondrian and Euriel Than who are now among the elite of the Heart Guard.

Small Note from Lucas

Over the last few years I have read a number of books by Bernard Cornwell of course this is about my fictional hero Richard Sharpe.

Reading these books over the last 10 years and watching the TV adaptations. I think that Richard Sharpe would be great with us among Val Cueran the Heart Guard of the Tower.

You can find these books in all good book stores.