Tower Voice and Announcements

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Author: Seandre ay'Luthien

To the tune of Postman Pat

Tower Voice, Tower Voice
That is Mellyn Aes Sedai
Always posting raisings,
keeping steady gazings,
out for people going LOA

As we know this is important stuff
'else you might get stricken from the records when away
Know of a raising then just wait and see
she'll announce it in the forum and as fast as it can be

Tower Voice, Tower Voice
Don't you try to do her job
Would spread out confusion,
could start some delusion
No, let her do her job cuz she knows best

Even if you're really excited for some,
near-sibling or someone you that you care about a lot
Wait for Mellyn comes to announce the fact,
or else things could get all mixed up and we do not want that!

Tower Voice, Tower Voice
Bringing happy news for us
She's always updated,
announcements never lated
Sharing every one with me and you

Melly Aes Sedai really enjoys her job,
so don't be mean by doing what is hers by right
This song is a little reminder,
so you and me will know better instead of messing up

Tower Voice, Tower Voice
Does her job in the best ways
I'm sorry about my doings
I did deserve the shooing
Won't ever try to take your job again