The Domani Incident

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Author: Jade Sedona

A Gleeman's Tale:

The Domani Incident

Let me tell you a tale
One of maidens fair
Sit here with me
See if you care
A tale of a woman
Who took a chance
Before you know
Her subtle glance
The coins will roll
The furs will sell
Hear my story
Catch the spell
For when it's over
You will know
The clever one wins
Come tomorrow...

A Domani woman spots a caravan of men, and thinks to herself all naughty, with a grin. "Now is my chance, I'll make them dance.", as she saunters away with less than a glance...

She casually strolls up to the place they were setting up camp and flashes a quick smile. The men begin to shuffle about and look at each other nervously."How do you do good lady?" one says. "is there anything I can help you with?" says another. "My throat is completely parched and I am so thirsty." Her delicate arm rises to her neck as she massages her throat. This emits her perfume from her neck so all of the men can smell it. The men all cease movement and begin to eye her curiously. "A Domani", one mumbles under his breath. "Great, that's all I need..." But, being the men they were, they all began looking frantically for a cup and wine skin. One man bows and hands her the wine. As she reaches for it, she gives a slight shiver, just like her mother taught her all her life. "it is rather chilly tonight." "Would one of you fine gentlemen fetch my cloak from that trunk on my wagon?" Two men immediately stumble over one another in the race for the trunk. The man who arrives first rummages through the clothes like someone with ill manners. He finds the cloak though, and quickly returns back to the domani woman. Shifting her body ever so enticingly, she turns to the man and accepts the cloak, touching his hands lightly as he wraps it around her. "I was just on my way to town to sell these cloaks, but my wagon has broken a wheel and I fear I will never make it to town and back in time," she says. "In time for what?" three men reply in unison "It is none of your concern, I will not worry you with silly details." Widening her eyes and looking defeated, she sighs."We don't mind at all good lady." All answer, "NO!" as they near her wagon. Well, in that case, my mother is very ill and I was going to sell these furs to buy herbs for the wisdom to heal her. "That's terrible!", exclaims one of the men. " could really use a good warm cloak, cool Fall nights ahead, ya know?

The Domani turns herself where she seems to be facing all of the men at once. "They are of the highest quality, I sewed them myself"."Here let me show you," she says as she tosses her own cloak at one of the dumbfounded men. She then proceeds to bend slowly in front of the trunk, her dress clinging to every curve of her body. Letting nothing go for granted. While her back is turned to the men, she grabs several cloaks and holds them close to her body. Her perfume will make the cloak all but irresistable at almost any price. She whirls around allowing the dress to adhere to the movements of her body and grins at them seductively. She approaches the first man and stops only inches from his body pressing the cloak into him. She says, "feel this." Turning to the second man, she runs the cloak up his face allowing him to feel her soft skin and smell her sweet perfume.She smiles seductively at him. On and on, her cat-like movements captivated the men. None could look away.

Without half realizing it, the men were reaching for their coin purses. Arguing, the men tried to out bid one another. The Domani woman turns and sighs..."if only I had eight gold marks, I would be able to buy the medicine and make the journey home." The menquit bidding and started to tell one another how much of the eight gold marks he would pay.

She boarded her wagon after collecting almost fifteen gold marks, and headed back the direction she came from. The men all stared after. Just then, her 'spell' wore off and reality hit them. "We just got shafted by a woman! These cloaks cost twice as much as they should have!" Another man echoes,"And her wagon wheel wasn't broken either!"They all shrug to them selves and carry on with their duties. "We didn't even get her name..."

Now is the time
For morals and lessons
Fancy words
Second guessing
But in the end
All said and done
Nothing new here
Not under the sun
Nothing new here
She'll keep you on the run...