The Borrowed One

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Poem by Aldus Tyloredrid for Project Gaidin's Death Match week 3.

For Mathei's trouble he would exact
Vengeance upon those who dared
To make it necessary for his tread
To meander over the Spine of the World
Though who he felt owed him such
He sagely kept to himself

Neisa Sedai knew just how
To keep the "Three-Fold Land" from claiming
The moisture and the coolness
From her and her Warder's hides
The Power used was small indeed
A ter'angreal, borrowed, helped with that

Flat plains wove forth in garish heat
Bare cover hid little from their eyes
'Til met with blood that sourced from dozens
Bodies Aiel and Seanchan alike
The tracks that left were not made
Of soft soled boots, so on they went

Chill night hid them from the camp
Their approach was split in twain
Mathei had been helpful in Tar Valon
And was met with suspicious acceptance
Long enough to signal Neisa the lone damane's location
The Darkest Blue was swift in cutting her off

Swifter still was Mathei's blade, fueled not by redemption
But a desire to complete this task and return
Neisa easily knew her life endangered
Becoming the deadliest force known to man
Thirteen ter'angreal recovered that night
Thirteen returned, if counting the borrowed one