The Beginning of the Wheel of Time

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Authors: Dee ar'Emm, Lyssandra Darai

The Creation of The Wheel Of Time

Written by Dee ar'Emm and Lyssandra Darai.
An UNOFFICIAL WoT piece, not based on any of the already visited cultures in the series. Treat this as "free fantasy" with a basis in RJ's excellent book-series. It's hard enough to to try and make up a "Genesis" version that don't already exist anywhere in the Real World or in fantasy-books, so please bear over with anything you might have seen someplace else.

In the void, a Being awakened. It was all alone, and it was dark. The Being thought of this, and decided to do something about it.
The Being had some marbles. One of them had an inner glow to it, and the Being magnified the glow, until the Marble lighted parts of the Void.
The newly awakened Being, called this marble "the Sun."
He looked at one of the other marbles, and wept, because it had cracks in it. one of his tears hit the marble, and filled the cracks. He looked again, and saw that the marble was whole again. He called the places were the tear was, "Ocean," and the rest he called "Land."
But the land and sea was lifeless and dull. Holding the marble in his hand, He left some fingerprints. These became mountains and valleys. A hair falling from His head, became the first Tree. From this Tree, others sprang, and forests were made. The First Tree was to become the "Mother of All Living."
From this tree, two leaves fell to the ground. The Being looked at the leaves. He blew Life into them, and the first Man and Woman was Created.
Other leaves fell to the ground, and they became the animals. Some fell into the sea, and became the fish. Those that floated in the air, became the birds.
The first leaf, Man, was astonished about the work the Being had done, and called the Being "The Creator," referring to everything the Being had created. And the Being adopted the name, and thought it was a good name for itself.
The Creator now implemented the free will into Man and Woman, so they could choose to do things, and how to do them. And all of their descendants, should also have the free will.
Man and Woman asked the Creator, if they could do marvels like He did. The Creator answered, "Yes, but only a few of your descendants will have the ability. This to avoid having everyone going around changing everything."
Man then asked how he could do Marvels. The Creator put out another of his marbles, this one had a sinuous line through it, so it seemed it was split. The Creator made this one glow, too, almost like the sun, but it could only be seen when Man or Woman was calm in their mind. And the Creator taught first Man, then Woman how to do marvels.
The Creator first made the One Power exactly the "One Power," Man and Woman could both use the same Threads, and they saw each others weaves. But the Creator started to have second thoughts about what he had taught them. They might use their newfound Power to overthrow Him.
And so started an internal struggle in the Creator, a struggle as to whether or not Man's Kind should be allowed to continue using the One Power. He argued with himself, over whether Man's Kind could be strong enough to destroy all of the Creation. The end result was the Being of Light and the Being of Darkness separated from each other.
Man continued to call the Being of Light "the Creator," while the Being of Darkness, they called "the Dark One," or "Shai'Tan," reflecting on where the Being came from in the first place, the Dark Void.
The Dark One's first attempt to control Man's Kind, was to actually split the One Power down the sinuous line, thereby cutting the One Power into two Halves, saidin and saidar.
Man had to "grab" the One Power, Woman had to embrace it. For Man, it was like "surfing an avalanche," making the greatest adrenaline kick, while for Woman, it was like Calm itself was descending on her.
Both could control "threads" of the Elements, plus a Fifth Element, Spirit. But even if they did EXCACTLY the same weaves with these threads, the result varied greatly. But they could not see each others threads, or "Weaves" as the Creator called them. So to get the same weaves, they had to make drawings for each other.
They asked why it worked different. "Because, Man and Woman are different in themselves. Each is like the Ultimate State of Mind for both. Thus, Man, you ride an avalanche, while you, Woman, feel calm itself," The Dark One answered.
The Creator didn't like to see his work and Creations destroyed this way, and said to the Dark One, "You must heed my work, or stay away."
"Your work? When we were One, it was just as much MY work as yours. Thus, I'll do whatever needs being done around here, to correct your mistakes," answered the Dark One, "and what you've done, is to make Man's Kind as powerful as yourself."
The Creator's answer to the halving of the One Power, was to make Man's Kind able to link, and thus be able to control all Five Elements anyway.
Shai'Tan, which means "Dark One," countered by saying that Men couldn't Link without Women in the circle. It might be two Men and one Woman, but not three Men and One Woman. To be able to link up three Men, four Women were required.
It came to open conflict between The Dark One and the Creator, The struggle for control over the One Power and over the humans, had it's cost.
Shai'tan, wanted to control Man's Kind, and force them to do his bidding. This, the Creator could not allow, he wanted Man's Kind to be free of speech and mind and to work wonders for themselves. The end result was that He Created the Wheel of Time, to keep track of the different Ages. The Wheel created a Pattern, which is the history of Man's Kind's choices through time.
Pattern is designed to keep track of the worlds and how they are formed as Man's kind was getting choices, and each choice Created one or more Worlds in the Pattern, according to how many different choices that could be taken. It is made up of every Man's life threads. Some people has stronger life-threads than other, and can affect the way the Pattern is woven to some degree. These of Man's Kind is called ta'veren.
Shai'tan became imprisoned outside of Time and the Pattern the Creator had made, to keep him away from Man's Kind, and thus, keep Darkness from helming the world, and enslaving it.