September 2018 Twitter Q&A with Rafe Judkins

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On September 5th, 2018, Rafe Judkins announced that he would be doing a live Q&A on Twitter the following week. This is a transcript of the questions asked and the answers given.

Note: WaFO stands for "Watch and Find Out", a play on Robert Jordan's famous RAFO (Read and Find Out).

Questions & Answers

Rafe Judkins: Here we go! I'll answer one question per person, as long as it is in response to THIS thread with #WoTWednesday and #WheelofTime hashtagged! Also, I can't answer most questions because of NDAs/the desire to surprise in series/dramatic suspense/etc, but I'll do what I can :) Link

@christinibnini: Who do you see in the role of Bela?
Rafe Judkins: I am SO GLAD you asked this. I love Bela, and although we're very far away from this, I already want to make sure that we have a consistent horse(s) to track her through the entire run of the show :)

@Bambi740977317: Hey @rafejudkins! How would you like to handle the prologue of EOTW, and the prequel scenes from New Spring? #WoTWednesday #TeamWoTSpoilers @WoTSpoilers
Rafe Judkins: I have plans for both of these, but you'll unfortunately have to wait for the show to see :)

@malkeirsking: Is there any way for fans to get involved with the show in some fashion? #WoTWednesday #WheelofTime
Rafe Judkins:I think being involved online is a great way to contribute to the show. You'd be shocked by how many showrunners/writers/executives/etc read posts for their show on reddit/twitter/AV Club and more. On past shows, most people would discuss fan reaction the morning after each ep

@JordanConInc: Dear Rafe. The guest list for #JordanCon 2019 filling up fast! Should we pencil you in for 2019 or 2020? #WheelofTime #WoTWednesday
Rafe Judkins: Pencil me in for both!

@dragonmount: In your view, what is the heart and soul of this TV show? ie, Why will people (non-fans included) want to watch?
Rafe Judkins: To me, and the way I've pitched it since I first became involved, is that even though the world is incredible, the magic system one of the best in fantasy, and the gender dynamics are so fresh feeling, the thing at the heart of this are the characters.
So, I think those first three things are the things that may bring in first-time viewers, it's the last thing that will keep them there :)

@top10tam: i think music will be a massive thing for the show, i LOVE elder scrolls oblivion music, but.... listening to Metallica songs/lyrics.... (frayed ends of sanity,blackened etc) i think that suits too, any ideas on that front about what music to use yet?
Rafe Judkins: We're still a ways from music decisions! A lot of that will be director/composer/music supervisor dependent. I like to hire people who are really good at their jobs and take their advice, so it may end up being different than what I think right now :)

@rileysweeney: Egwene is a divisive character among fandom (although my fav, as a fellow community organizer), what do you think is her defining attributes that you would want to bring out in the show?
Rafe Judkins: I'm obsessed with Egwene. I think, of all the characters, she faces some of the most dramatic/impossible choices in the series. And to me, characters you fall in love with are the ones who have to face these choices and come out stronger on the other side. She is going to rockAnswer Text