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Description by Jayrik Thaurturion, former Commander of the San'd'ma Shadar Company

Of the four companies, the San d'Ma Shadar are known as the 'muscle' of the White Tower. This is an oversimplification of an important characteristic lying just beneath the surface... survival. The SDS are the survivors: the jack-of-all-trades, master of none. They adapt and do what must be done to complete the task at hand, whether it be organizing others for an offensive or protecting one's Aes Sedai from harm. All this must be accomplished by utilizing what is readily available to its fullest potential. San d'Ma Shadar provides some of the best Warders the Tower has to offer. We are the Slayers of the Shadow!

More information about San d'Ma Shadar, its members and its history can be found in the San d'Ma Shadar Community pages