S'redit Joke

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Author: Melana al'Cairera

There once was this HUGE s'redit that used to trample through the forest every day. And in this forest, there was a HUGE tree, with an ant-hill at the south side.

Now, the ant hill would've been HUGE too.... if it hadn't been for the s'redit...

Every time he trampled through the forest, the ant hill would collapse, and the ants had to rebuild it from scratch... which worked for a couple of years, cuz ants really love to work and build and stuff.

But one day when they heard the s'redit come trampling, they were really tired of building their tiny ant hill again and again and again just because of the (in their united opinion) schtoopid s'redit... so they decided to attack him.

They all jumped at him at once, and soon, the whole s'redit was covered with ants, but the s'redit just gave himself a shake, and they all fell off... except one who was sitting on his neck. When the other ants saw this, they cried;

"Strangle him, Johnny, strangle him!!!"