River of Souls

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River of Souls was a short story detailing how Demandred acquired the second part of Sakarnen and fulfilled the Sharan prophecy of the Wyld that was written for A Memory of Light. It was cut from the book as it detracted too much from the overall theme of the Last Battle and introduced several new questions at a time when it was more important to wrap up story lines. It is considered mostly canon, though certain elements of world building were not checked so should not necessarily be considered as such (This passage needs a reference). It was later printed in the Unfettered anthology.

Demandred is alone, in the Oneness when Mintel arrives unexpectedly, having ridden the caprisha through the City of Dreams, which Demandred considers dangerous. Mintel tells him he is there to see angor'lot, the True Destiny and the Crowning of the Wyld. They head together to Abyrward where the encounter Shendla and Torn. Shendla tells him he has come to save them, free them from fate and make them their own people again. He tells her he will protect the people if he can.

He enters the cavern where he is surprised to find plants blooming and assumes the Guardian must be one of the Nym. He channels, sending fire at a vine, but instead of burning, it spreads more. He looks ahead and sees a mouth with needle sharp teeth with insect like arms and realises it is a Jumara that transformed, but grew too large to get back out of the cavern. As he can't use the Power against it directly, he channels to melt rock and throws the molten rock at it, forcing it back. He is able to drop onto it and kill it with his sword.

He heads further into the cavern, coming to a place where the plants have grown together into a face. It asks him if he has come to give it rest, saying it is no longer one of the Nym, and he kills it. The plants shrivel away, leaving what seems to be a cup, which he combines with a rod he had previously found. He walks out of the cavern announcing to Shendla and the Ayyad that he names himself the Wyld and Dragonslayer

He thinks how it has taken him two years, from posing as a slave to accidentally leading a revolution, but that now he has the power to destroy Lews Therin