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More about our beautiful logo.

caption=We are the Red Ajah

Red Roses: They represent hope, joy, grace, and beauty. All of these things are cherished by Reds, even if we may not always embody them all the time.

Acorn: As the tiny seed of a great oak, acorns represent antiquity and independence. It has been my experience that Reds are old of soul and independent of mind.

Crane: According to legend, cranes lived in a community in which individual members took turns standing watch. The crane came to represent vigilance, justice, and longevity.

We look out for each other, one stands strong when the other is weak. We seek justice in all things.

Water/Waves: “Troubles keep us in continuous exercise and remind us of providence, as waves in a storm at sea.” Providence can be seen as fate and destiny or as forethought and common sense.

I subscribe to the latter two. Reds are no stranger to a storm, but we are wise enough to weather it with prudence.

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