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Unsung Servant - Faeril Sedai and Branwyn Sedai<br>
Unsung Servant - Faeril Sedai and Branwyn Sedai<br>
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[[Category:Department of Community Development]]

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Friendliest Member - Miridyth al'Landerin
Most Helpful Member - Saminda Meltacia
Most Inspirational Member - Arisaema Draconis
Most Entertaining Member - Karalyne al'Meida
Most Artistic Member - Sindra Bell
Best Bonded Couple - Katarianna al'Leya and Jalen te'Kreg
Walking WoT Encyclopedia - Eniara Kisharad
Best Mentor - Lireina Dormerus
Best Avatar - Sienna Hanon
Best Guild Leader - Josef al'March, Artisan's Guild
Best Moderator - Leora Oldessroth, Current Events
Best Executive - Dralyn Montsier, Keeper of the Chronicles
Best General Administrator - Zhareen din Narelle, Systems Administrator
Best Community Administrator - Kyla Sterling, Mayor of Tar Valon
Philanthropist of the Year - Tinlinn Fundon
Members of the Year - Dralyn Montsier and Zhareen din Narelle


Most Artistic - Darim Gaidin
Best Administrator - Val Gaidin
Best Avatar - Leora
Best Bonded Couple - Jaim Gaidin and Ne'Mireth Sedai
Best Mentor - Morwynna Sedai
Born in the Wrong Decade - Rollyn Gaidin
Best Comebacks - Jalen
Friendliest - Ilissa Sedai
Most Inspirational - Arisaema
Best Partier - Cataia Sedai
Most Entertaining - Miridyth al'Landerin
Most Helpful - Ehlana Sedai
Most Intellectual - Sela Sedai
Best Rant - Navin
Most Likely to Succeed - Zashara Sedai
Most Sarcastic - al'Cary Gaidin
Most Unforgettable - Jaim Gaidin
Silliest - Melana Sedai
Unsung Servant - Faeril Sedai and Branwyn Sedai