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New News by Leilwyn al'Raen

  • Review: "Jordan's Book Springs Eternal" A review of Jordan's new novel, New Spring by John Green.
  • "Santa Projects" Complete! Over the Christmas period, many members of pulled together to complete projects that made someone else's day just a little bit better.
  • Recent Changes in Tower Status (Link is currently not working.) Over the last few weeks, changes in status have occurred to people in all ranks - from citizen to Senior Member. We have a new Head of Ajah, new Sitters, new Aes Sedai and Gaidin, new Accepted, and new recruits to top it all off!

March Events by Adriana al'Tere

March 14-20: JALGC St. Patty's Day Style March 21-27: Feast of Fools (Free Week) April 3: Houston get-together for the Japan Festival

Product of the Month by Yorgi al'Demed

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Poet of the Month: Sothalis Braevin by Adriana al'Tere

I'm happy to introduce Sothalis Braevin as this month's Poet of the Month. Sothalis is a self-proclaimed Green Ajah fan with poetic tendencies, Brat-sister's sexy naked cleaning man, and Rissa's crazy Dutchie. If you like this poem, check out this collection.

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass. The seven seals have weakened, and are as fragile as glass. The Dark One is stirring, and soon he will be free, and no place will then be safe, not on land or at sea.

Amidst the darkness and chaos is a shining light, shining strongly and shining bright. It's the light of the Servants of All, before which the darkness will fall.

They'll lead the Dragon to its place, and the Shadow they will face. They'll defy the Dark One with one voice, because there is no other choice.

Member of the Month

Ninya Evoneigh

Site Review: by Tyla al'Mere was officially born on the 21 December 2000. It has been running consistently the past three years. The community at this time is rather small, about 67 members. The Amyrlin Seat, our own Eniara Kisharad, an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, tells us, "Overall, [Great Hall] is pretty much a roleplay community. We do communicate OoC, and chat about random stuff, but the core is roleplay." The Great Hall is based around Tar Valon and the White Tower, although there is an Asha'man outpost situated in the City of Tar Valon, allowing for Asha'man characters. Eniara Sedai continues, "We are living in the age of the Dragon Reborn, but he's not a major figure (at least not yet). We also try to integrate as many races of the world while keeping realism. We allow Aiel, Sea Folk, etc., into the city and even the Tower itself, as long as there is a very plausible reason for them being there. We even had a Seanchan Aes Sedai for awhile." In closing Eniara Sedai states that "if any Tar Valoners are looking for somewhere to join a Tar Valon centered RP, come our way! The greater the member base we can establish, the more dynamic and fun the site will be. Great Hall is set up to be a friendly community...a home really...for Wheel of Time fans. Even if you don't intend to RP and just want a second (or third or fourth...) spot to hang out, join us. We've got a lot of OoC camaraderie as well."

New Adaptation of New Spring by Moriendar Amechi

Roaring Studios has confirmed the adaptation of Robert Jordan's New Spring into a comics and graphics novel! Roaring Studios, now known as the Dabel Brothers Production (DB Pro), announced that they would be converting Jordan's well-loved series, the Wheel of Time, into graphics, starting with this recently released prequel to the series. The first issue of the comic book should be released around May or June of this year through the Devil's Due Publishing. Depending upon the style of the adaptation and the length of the book, there will be a range of twelve to twenty-four issues. A collection of four to six issues at a time will be available in paperback at major bookstores.

The publisher expects the release of New Spring comics to be the biggest selling comics of the year. Dabel Brothers Production's release of George R. R. Martin's The Hedge Knight sold out its first two issues, and another Dragonlance #1 was on January's top 100. "We expect the WoT to be one of the biggest selling comics of the year, blowing away all of our sales records and introducing legions of new readers to the line of books DB Pro is working on," states the publisher. The writer and artist for this project have not been announced. But Sean J. Jordan, Managing Editor for DB Pro, says that this book will be one of the most anticipated titles of the year once their names are publicized.