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This page is very much a work-in-progress.

Keep an eye on the Departmental Sub-Forums, Events, and Site Announcements to stay on top of event information as it is announced.


Main Page

1. Use the template Template:EventPage to create pages as new events are announced.
1a. Remove sections that aren't applicable (for example, Fall Ball doesn't have an Amyrlin's Tournament).

2. Add a "Next Year" link to the previous year's page, as well as the previous year's Attendance List, linking to the current year's page/list: "Next Year (20XX)".

3. Pages go into two categories: a yearly party category (for example, [[Category:2019 Parties]] ) and a party type category (for example, [[Category:Anniversary Parties]] ).

4. The Local Liaison and Location should be announced at the same time as the event. The dates often come later.

5. Logo: As soon as the logo is published, upload it through the toolbox menu. Logos go into [[Category:Party logos]].

6. Reviews: These are often found in the Tar Valon Times, but you can also ask attendees to write one in the event forum. It's a good idea to ask before the event, so people can be thinking about it, and bump the request thread soon after the event, while people are still checking the forum and it is fresh in people's minds.

7. Packet: As soon as the packet is published, upload it through the toolbox menu. Packets go into [[Category:Event Packets]].

8. Schedule: Add the schedule on its own page as soon as it has been published (it is found within the packet). Schedules go into [[Category:Event Schedules]] and a party type category (for example, [[Category:Fall Ball]] ).

9. Staff: Check with the MoR and Local Liaison, and update the relevant areas after the event, in case staff changed last-minute.

10. Ceremonies: Include Raisings, Bondings, First-Sibling ceremonies, and Weddings.

11. Philanthropy: Include the name of the focus as well as a link to their website, any raffles and fund raisers that may have been held, and how much was raised (both money and physical donations such as food or supplies).

12. Contests: Include both winners and all participants, as participation is eligible for merits.

Attendance Page

1. Add attendees after the event is over, checking with the MoR for the official list to avoid including members who had to cancel last-minute.

2. attendance template

3. categories

Picture Album

1. categories

2. If people post links to photo albums in the event forum, ask them if they're willing to have those links added to the event page. The photos need to be publicly accessible.


Contact the MoR, Local Liaison, and Events Committee Head if there is one for information about event-related merits Events Participation Merit, and send them to the Archivist ( and the Awards Historian ( Update the relevant areas after the event, in case staff or attendees changed last-minute.

1. Attendance

2. Contest winners, and all the participants
2a. Amyrlin's Tournament
2b. Trivia
2c. Da'Covale
2d. Costume contest
2e. Committee members

4. Staff

5. Local Liaison

6. Logo artist


1. raisings

2. bondings

3. first sibling

4. wedding


1. TVT

Other Pages Which Need to be Updated

1. Event Logos - be sure to get the name of the artist, and send the information to the Archivist and the Awards Historian.

2. Department of Events and Conferences (History)

3. The Tower in 20XX

4. 20XX Official Events

5. Category:Community Group Event Attendance

6. Events and Conferences

7. Euro Party, South Pacific Party, JordanCon (why is there not one for anni or fall ball?)

8. Local Liaisons

Anniversary Party

Euro Party

Fall Ball/Spring Fling/Aussie Party

1. If the event is small enough, there will not be committees, but be sure to check with the MoR and Local Liaison.


1. Logos and other images on the event page can include the official JordanCon logo, badge art, etc.

2. For Local Liaison, put None.

3. There is not an official Tower Packet, although in 2019 JCon make a "New Member Packet" so that can be included for informational purposes.

4. For the Schedule, the only official Tower event is the Toast.

5. There will be no Committees.

6. The Con picks charities each year for their Philanthropy focus.

7. While Contests like trivia, costume contest, etc. do not count for merit purposes, if the winners are Tower members, they can still be included for informational purposes.

8. JordanCon posts official photo albums, which can be linked on the Picture Galleries page.