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This page is very much a work-in-progress.


Main Page

1. Use the template Template:EventPage to create pages as new events are announced.

2. Logo: as soon as the logo is published, upload it through the toolbox menu. Logos go into [[Category:Party logos]].

3. Packet: as soon as the packet is published, upload it through the toolbox menu. Packets go into [[Category:Event Packets]].

4. Schedule: add the schedule on its own page as soon as its been published (within the packet). Schedules go into [[Category:Event Schedules]] and a party type category (for example, [[Category:Fall Ball]]).

4. Philanthropy: focus, raffles, fund raisers, etc....

5. Fill in relevant information in the infobox (logo, event name, location, dates, local liaison if applicable).

6. Remove sections that aren't applicable (for example, Fall Ball doesn't have an Amyrlin's Tournament).

7. Add a "Next Year" link to the previous year's page, linking to the current year's page: "Next Year (20XX)".

8. Pages go into two categories: a yearly party category (for example, [[Category:2019 Parties]]) and a party type category (for example, [[Category:Anniversary Parties]]).

Attendance Page

1. Add attendees after the event is over, checking with the MoR for the official list to avoid including members who had to cancel last-minute.

2. attendance template

3. categories

Picture Album

1. categories

2. If people post links to photo albums in the event forum, ask them if they're willing to have those links added to the event page. The photos need to be publicly accessible.


Contact the MoR for information about event-related merits, and send them to the Archivist ( and the Awards Historian ( Update the relevant areas after the event, in case staff or attendees changed last-minute.

1. Attendance

2. Contest winners

3. Staff

Anniversary Party

Euro Party

Fall Ball/Spring Fling/Aussie Party