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What is the Department of Administration?

The Department of Administration was formalized into a Department in 2006. Previously, it had served as a gathering place for a hodge-podge of administrators and staff that was headed by the Amyrlin Seat. At that year's administration meeting, however, a good amount of administrative structure was formalized, and it became a full-fledged Department with a Director. In 2008, our events were subsumed into this Department. In 2009, the Department was restructured again, pulling our finances and events out of the Department and pulling in other responsibilities.

This Department focuses on the business aspects of our community. Legal counselors, financial advisers, HR consultants, and anyone else involved with that side of our community are in this Department.

Duties in this Department

The Director focuses on making sure that we are run as professionally as possible and making sure that the Tower stays a legal business.

The Legal Counsel consists of lawyers who have decided to dedicate their time and efforts to answering any legal questions that might come up.

Human Resources (HR) consultants help us make sure that certain aspects of our business practices are being conducted in a manner befitting our legal status.

Other staff help fill in holes in professional/business knowledge and are not necessarily in named positions.

This Department is focused on:

  • working to make sure that we stay a legal 501c7
  • facilitating and compiling our annual membership survey
  • compiling the annual report and making sure that it meets any state and federal requirements
  • handling legal inquiries
  • facilitating reviews for staff, admins, and Execs

Emails in this Department


Chain of Command for this Department

Flow chart detailing the Chain of Command for the Department of Administration.
Administration Chart October 2015.png
Any questions or concerns involving the legality of something related to our community should be directed to our Legal Counsel. Any questions or concerns about any projects in the Department should be directed to the Director. Staff members in this Department wishing to raise concerns or retire should engage in discussion with the Director. If a response has not been gained in a timely manner from a staff member, contact the Director. If the Director has not responded in a timely manner, contact the Keeper. Please ensure that you allow ample time for each person in the chain of command to respond before contacting the next person in line.

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