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TarValon.Net, Inc. is meant to be an all-person environment, and as such, the following guidelines have been put into place.

Harassment and deliberate attempts to create a hostile environment will not be tolerated. We ask all of our Community Members to maintain not only a tolerant attitude, but also a celebratory one. Community Members of TarValon.Net, Inc. and visitors using our site must abide by rules governing size and use of avatars and signatures, submit themselves willingly to the administration for any infractions of the Code of Conduct and the Membership Manuals, and obey all requests to correct inappropriate behavior. All Community Members shall be expected to behave with civility and tolerance at all times when dealing with other Community Members, non-members, and the world at large. A certain level of honesty is expected from all Community Members, and any attempts to misrepresent a Community Member’s age, gender, gender identity and expression, or general location may result in the immediate termination of Community Membership. Refusal to follow the Code of Conduct and Membership Manuals may result in the termination of Community Membership and banning from all functions and services associated with TarValon.Net, Inc.

The Code of Conduct and Membership Manual shall apply at all times on any message boards related to TarValon.Net, any chat protocols, any communications between Community Members onsite or off (barring personal real-life relationships between Community Members), and at any event officially recognized by TarValon.Net. By posting on our boards, participating in our chat rooms, attending a function, or filling out a Community Membership application, you agree to be bound to the Code of Conduct and the Membership Manuals.

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