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Author: Jeffan Caliarthan
Author: [[Jeffan Caliarthan]]

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Author: Jeffan Caliarthan

January is another busy month for the Tower - it's the start of a new term for many positions, and there are normally quite a few raisings that the Hall gets to approve early on in the month.

Registration for Anni 2012 opened up, and so far there have been nearly 120 registrations. Naturally, some people will be forced to cancel, but we're hoping that it's going to be a big Anni this year in Denver come March 29th. Another small change occurred in the Department of Events & Conferences this month; the position of Conference Coordinator, held by Esteban since June of 2009, was retired. Thank you for all of your hard work, Esteban!

During our Feast of Lights Charity, it was announced that we raised $1,830 for Room to Read. It was a bit short of our $2,500 goal, but we still made an important difference for the charity, which is something that we can definitely be proud of! As a reward, there is going to be a Free Week from February 3rd to the 13th with the theme "Non-WoT Literary Figures" - your Membership Group should have something planned, so be ready to unleash it come the 3rd!

As you (may or may not) remember, back in March of 2011 at our 10th Anniversary Party, the first set of merit badges were announced for those attending the event. At the 10th Euro Anni, another set was announced, and a few more at D*Con. However, January saw the first non-Event announcement of merits! It's not quite everyone yet, since they're being gone through by Membership Group, but there should be more announced soon. Congrats to everyone who was awarded a merit!

Are you aware of the fact that the Tower has both Twitter and Facebook accounts where all of our news is posted? Our News page has had the Twitter feed on it for quite awhile now, but we now have some snazzy new WoT-inspired icons that Badira designed. Check 'em out, they're pretty fantastic:

Being the start of a new year, January is also the time when the new Brown Read-a-Thon starts. Last year had over 10,000 books tracked and read by our members, can you believe that? I know that I can't! Especially since I just made that number up while writing this out. Go check out the thread to set your goal for this year and list what youíve read so far!

January is also... well, it's also Manuary. Last year, Aldus started what has become a tradition at the Tower of using the month of January to celebrate the best gender in the world. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say that out loud? I might be a little biased. Manuary's over now, but you can check out all the fun that ensued in his thread.


And as you may or may not know, our main chat room, #wheel, has stats once more! Currently they are found at tarvalon.us, but that might change in the future. Weíre going to start sharing some interesting statistics here in the wrap-up articles, so here we go!

  • In January, Onis Sedai was the most talkative person with over 4,300 lines. Well done!
  • Citizen Shaerlyn had a busy start. She joined the tower on 8th of January and during the second week she wrote more lines than anyone in #wheel. She also mentioned the most *Wheel of Time references during January.
  • The Accepted slipped out of their dormitories and managed to write more in #wheel than any other group.
  • Amarande was the happiest person. He used 949 smileys, three times as many as any other!
  • Kassidy greeted the most persons.
  • CharisD almost deafened everyone, shouting (using caps) 46% of the time!
  • Usen was a tad unsure, 17% of his lines ended with a question mark.
  • Alkeis spoke the most monologues - he wrote over 5 lines in a row 49 times.
  • Ashlyn wrote the longest sentences, with an average of 59 characters.
  • "Because" was the most used word, "Kassidy" was the most used nickname, and for some peculiar reason the word "romance" was used a lot on Fridays!

Check back next month for more chatroom statistics! And now, onto our master list of everything that's happened at the Tower in January:


Jan 9: Sarramy DiLuna is raised to Accepted

Jan 9: Emory Sheldon is raised to Novice

Jan 9: Yavahnin Demohntist is raised to Recruit

Jan 10: Mical alíDhevorn is raised to Soldier

Jan 10: Tazren Talamar is raised to Soldier

Jan 16: Pakaran AlíDeston is raised to Recruit

Jan 16: Kassidy Rose DaiShan is raised to Novice

Jan 17: Eva Wartooth is raised to Accepted

Jan 20: Alaren Tane is raised to Soldier


Jan 1: Morrighan Daghdera aspired to the Green Ajah

Jan 5: Karaelyn Midorie aspired to the Brown Ajah

Jan 6: Anika Forsyn aspired to the Yellow Ajah

Jan 18: Kaelin Quinlan aspired to the Yellow Ajah

Jan 29: Pol Rohanson aspired San díma Shadar


Jan 3: Hiring Welcome Committee members (applications closed on the 17th)

Jan 9: Hiring Membership Activities Coordinator (applications closed on the 23rd)


Jan 2: New Hall of the Tower announced

Jan 2: New Forum Moderators announced

Jan 2: Sean alíDragoran is announced as the new Company Commander for SDS

Jan 3: Aldus Tyloredrid is announced as the new Captain of Soldiers

Jan 3: New TVT Reporters announced

Jan 5: New IRC Ops announced

Jan 9: New OA Team announced

Jan 21: New Welcoming Committee announced


Jan 3: Getting Closer (Toral)

Jan 15: Marketing Staff Updates (Kytheria)

Jan 17: Membership Survey is almost here! (Ubahsur)