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A tradition dating back to 2008 when Kitan was still an Aspirant of the Gray Ajah. As a raising project she started the idea of giving Aspirants "Graytlings", little baby animals. While Kitan is no longer with the Ajah, the tradition stuck and now when ever we have a new Aspirant, they are gifted with a baby animal chosen by their Gray Guide and fellow Aspirants.

Grays and their Graytlings

  • Alyssa: Baby meerkat
  • Ashara: Baby orca
  • Badria: Baby wombat
  • Camlyn: Baby jaguar
  • Chiyuki: Baby hedgehog
  • Elyss: Baby bunny
  • Eriana: Baby ewok
  • Halosia: Baby cougar
  • Ilyana: Baby fox
  • Imzadi: Baby butterfly (caterpillar)
  • Iteran: Baby panda
  • Ivien: Baby penguin
  • Jenarra: Baby puma
  • Jordan: Baby red panda
  • Kaeldra: Baby rhino
  • Kitiarah: Baby squirrel
  • Kymo: Baby spider monkey
  • Lokadien: Baby koala
  • Madine: Baby deer
  • Maibella: Baby owl
  • Marivea: Baby donkey
  • Ma'sayna: Baby ferret
  • Megana: Baby gosling
  • Melina: Baby lamb
  • Mirindyin: Baby marten
  • Myriam: Baby hedgehog
  • Prewan: Baby sea turtle
  • Siera: Baby horse
  • Taelinn: Baby warthog
  • Tai: Baby seal
  • Tyla: Baby goat
  • Zarathi: Baby deer

Former Graytlings

  • Addelyn: Baby kitten with froghat
  • Ajailyn: Baby lion
  • Alyria: Baby duck
  • Arie: Baby snow leopard
  • Ennairam: Baby porcupine
  • Izabella: Baby wombat
  • Kitan: Baby meerkat
  • Liiane: Baby zebra
  • Malein: Baby skunk
  • Thalya: Baby pufferfish

Grays without Graytlings

  • Eirlys
  • Ilverin
  • Magdalenna

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