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Gray Member of the Month


By Camlyn al'Carr

Shaoman has been and gone and now we are fast approaching the end of yet another month. This month we have managed to get our hands on a truly wonderful woman for our interview, so instead of prattling on about random stuffs for longer then one needs to, I introduce to you all.....


Mariasha Sedai of the Gray Ajah, bonded to Darian Coralis of SDS.



Emily - student, hard worker and avid traveller.

How long have you been a member for?

Almost 6 years

What do you like the most about being a member?

I love the laughs I get from all you people, I love how international the Tower is and what I get to learn from people from so many places and walks of life.

Which forum is your favourite out of them all and why?

Let's just say that I check from the bottom up, generally. My favorites I guess are the Gray forums and then the book forums.

Have you been to a real life event?

I'm at one as I type this! I went to the '04 D*Con, NYE '04, the '09 Fall Ball (where I am now), and several local events.

Real life to you is…?

School and work right now. What would I like it to be? I'm impulsive, especially with travel. I'd like to be in a monetary situation where I could just pick up and go whenever I'd like!

When real life occasionally eats you, as it does to us all, what keeps you coming back?

Funny question since I had a 4 year hiatus. What brought me back? I missed you guys! Specifically though, it was Mazarin. He dragged me back. Then Neisa bullied me into sending Serenla an email. Then Serenla put up with me bugging her with questions and demands. That's how it happens! But seriously, it's just the great people here who brought me back.

How are you “Gray” on the site and/or in real life?

I like politics and I like the challenge of mediation. I really think that I could fit into many Ajahs on the site, but I ended up here because of the people. I do fit very well into the Gray though, or so I think.

What are your hobbies aside from reading?

I'm pretty boring. Reading is my main hobby. I like to write as well. I also do history research and events in our area some and like fiddling with computers occasionally. I play the violin and have tried picking up the guitar, if I can motivate myself.

What do you do for work or school in real life?

I'm an Emergency Management major, a senior this year (and probably next year...)

Turns out our Asha has a wicked sense of humor and is quite fond of Mark from all of us here at Grey HQ, be good or good at it and enjoy this little nugget. Until next time kids!

Quote: "I thoroughly disapprove of duels. I consider them unwise and I know they are dangerous. Also, sinful. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet retired spot and kill him."

Original Art


Every now and then, we're lucky enough to get a guest contribution to our newsletter. This month, Xylina contibuted a WoT meme!


Gray Exclusive


By Addelyn al'Vera

Dragon Con 2009 was a blast. I met so many people and reconnected with those I knew from my past with The Grays consisted of Velaris, Amira and myself. Although I had already met Vel this past summer when I was still guesting Gray, I always love to see her. She and Thalin drove up and stayed with me in the dorms here at Georgia State so they could actually make it to con for a little while.

I met Amira at the opening ceremonies and although she wore a Gray shawl, I had no idea who she was! Vel introduced me and I had a brief moment of, "Ooooh...okay...the lurker." :look Because that's what we call Amira. We only say it out of love though!:P

This was my first Dragon Con as an official member since I was here in 2004 and feeling like I was part of the group again was an experience within itself! Since Vel couldn't stay for very long and Amira had made her plans in advance, I was wondering, "Who do I go hang out with after opening ceremonies? Everyone has a party for their ajah and Vel has made plans so has Amira." It ended up that the Mittenfolk took me in! And as I'm hanging out in the room, Lia Sedai stumbled upon me. :P She and I rambled on for an hour or more about things I can't even recall but she always makes me laugh so hard.:P

The days blend together so its hard to recall what happened on what day and in what order or fashion...if there was order to it. Thursday and Friday I helped set up kind was mostly hanging out in Serenla Sedai's room and tagging along to get con badges. In this time I got to know Serenla Sedai, Adolla Sedai, Red Sedai and Sean Gaidin. (Well not really Sean Gaidin as he is a bit quiet sometimes.:P) Unfortunately over Saturday and Sunday I missed out on a few events and panels but that's kind of how my con goes. I mosey along to see what I can and find what I like. All in all, I really love any excuse to get together with Tower folks.:) As I intend on never missing another anni party, I highly doubt I'll miss Dragon Con. Unless of course the Grayt Pie Wheelbarrow comes after me...

Gray Exclusive


By Mariasha Casindred

Fall Ball Report:

I got pied. :look That is all.

In all seriousness, it was a great time. I was the last to arrive

because of work, and then Red and I made a Gold run...we gathered down in the hotel breakfasty area and had our opening ceremonies and a toast (also known as the Aes Sedai serenity test :look). Some went out to haunted houses, some stayed in, and those who stayed in played Apples to Apples and card games until veeerrrry late! Accepted Mashiara quietly annihilated us in Apples to Apples. She is not to be underestimated.:|

I roomed with Aja and her husband, Jay, as well as Mashiara, the latter of which due to Cassie's sick sense of humor. Anagram twins ftw! It was good though!

The next day we went to a great BBQ place for lunch and then I got pied (thanks Aja) after having avoided it for over five years. Aja narrowly avoided wearing it as well, but I was feeling gracious despite having pie up my nose and in my eye. I then went to get costumed up with my bro and my sister-in-law for the night. We were the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. It was quite fun!

We went to a cheeseburger place that night to eat, got some pictures, etc. They also had this really cool cheeseburger truck (I think Wil got a picture of it maybe) out front. Yes, I don't remember names of places. I know, I'm terrible.

Afterwards we had a rousing game of WoT Cranium, which the Gray team sadly lost to the Miscellaneous Team consisting of Naomi, Caerwyn, and Mashiara (ANYONE SEEING A THEME TO THIS :tug). We pretty much lost to all the other teams too, but it was fun and totally not my fault. :look

There weren't a ton of events but it was a fantastic time to meet some Tower members I hadn't met before and hang out with everyone. It was so much fun! Thanks again to Cassie and Seri and guys really did a great job with it, as well as the rest of the local liaisons and stuff.

And double thanks to Red for petitioning for it in KC!

Original Art


By Lijena Tarkand

Holding soul.jpg

She still remembered his screams. Hopeless screams. He didn’t have a chance. She is too powerful. Now her powers are have no end. He was right about that guy’s soul. It was precious. So much energy. Such a clean soul. These Noeh’s are sinless. That makes their soul so remarkable, so powerful. And he was so young. His soul is so young. So innocent. Pity she couldn’t use him before taking his soul. He was handsome. But there are others. With this power she could have anyone. Anyone! She could even bring her Dhelian back. That would be so lovely. But it’s forbidden. Even in black magic. But what can stop her now? No one can match her power. But wasting all power on love? Was it worth it?Maybe. Punishment. They will punish her if they ever discover. She will have to hide. For long. But her Dhelian will be back. His smile, his deep black eyes, his beautiful eyes, his sweet voice…. He would keep her safe. She will do it. She will……Did you succeed in your task? a deep voice inside her head asked. She forgot. She forgot about him! The one who gave her the task. All the clues that led her to this Noeh boy were his. She promised him that soul. But she needs it! Dhelian…..That old man has no use of soul! Why would he need such power? She will not give it to him. What if he finds her? He did manage to find Noeh member. He won’t find her. She could tell him she failed. She could use this soul to take his. He couldn’t fight back. No one has power such as hers now. Then she could bring back Dhelian with his soul. She might even have some power left. Everything for Dhelian…

Gray Exclusive


By Mariasha Casindred

While vacationing in Switzerland near Lucerne, we decided to go up Rigi (a mountain ). When we came down in the cable car into the village of Weggis, I saw this wheelbarrow and had to take a picture. It's in front of the Schwiezerhof Hotel in Weggis.



Gray Exclusive


By Eriana Avin

Greetings From Edinburgh!!! This is Eri Sedai reporting on an Awesome semester abroad! I have taken a break from my home University to explore another country!

So, what have I been doing while attending the University of Edinburgh for the semester? Almost to much to mention. This semester has been a whirlwind of so many different activities. From Ceilidh dancing (so much fun!), having a blast fiddling at Folk Society, and trying nice wines at Wine Society, to eating great Fish & Chips, eyeing Haggis (which I will try before I leave in late December...I think...:rolleyes) while at the same time laughing at the little Haggis toys (which are quite odd looking and yet very cute), and multiple trips around the country...All while trying to remember that I am indeed a student and actually have to do work and getting used to a totally new city and way of going about things!

And now, getting to the point where I've been here for 2 months, I've started to almost forget that I'm in a country that is not my own. It's just not as strange as it was the first couple of weeks when everything got the reaction of OMG. But then I see the Castle in the middle of the city or notice that my accent is changing ever so slightly.

And I shall leave you now with a Tiny PhotoJournal of my semester abroad!


Greetings from Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat


Glenfinnen Monument and Loch Shiel


A Highland Wheelbarrow!

Pie of the Month


By Kitiarah Lamseen

Austin's Simple Lemon Pie

2 Frozen Pie Crusts*for 2pies cuz we have a football team here* 2 large cans of Lemon Pie Filling Colorful Mini Marshmellows Cool Whip for good measure.

Cook the pie crust, throw in the filling and chill in frig for about an hour. Then Top with mini marshmellows. It's a great pie for kids to do. Not much mess and they can pretty much do it by themselves with you as supervisor. Plus, if you have a house full of hungry *I want something sweet to eat before my brain twitches and run around the house making random noises until it's done* kids...then this is the way to go. TRUST ME!


Gray Exclusive


Welcome to the List of Gray Quotes! Hilarity fun, crazy Humor and joyful sisterly Love. Remember; Insanity is only a state of mind. We like it there!

Liiane Sedai: I know there are a lot of Grays who would have gone Yellow if they hadn't gone Gray, so I see a lot of similarities. We negotiate 'em, you heal 'em afterwards.

Mystica: suckup! *throws pies at Lenore* Lenore: But you are Green, aren't you? Mystica: so? I have friends in Gray places

Arie (so the newly raised Gray Sedai): "Just remember: Feel the Gray Know the Gray Be the Gray (Gandulf)"

Liiane:That's how we roll, Nya. Love all over the place. And the floor. Srsly. Watch your step.

Alyccea: Talking about the guesting process makes me feel a bit slutty... kinda like I'm saying "hey, you're gorgeous and great in bed, but lemme just try these other six guys too just to make sure you really are the best..."

Ajailyn: They'll give you plenty of loopy medicine or laughing gas though so at least it'll seem like fun right?

Zarathi, on Canadians: I've never seen a Canadian, but I know from SouthPark that their heads and jaws are detached *nods*

Addy: So..........I have decided that when I get married I don't want to say "I do." I want to say "Yes, prease."

Arie: Squee Liiane: :arch Need a towel to clean that up?

My personal Favorite, Conversations in the Grayt Room:

Addelyn: I haz an escape rope +1. Allows me to escape from any dungeon and scale any wall.

Iteran: Ooooh!!! Escape rope +1! Wonder how that will work with my grappling hook of clinging +3 ..... Did you roll pick lock ??

Arie: *Pulls out her sketchbook +7* Don't make me use it..... *threatenly giggles*

Iteran: Oh noes!!!

  • runs and hides*

Arie: *cackles madly and chases Ita*

Iteran: *springs out the Mighty Eraser of Oblivion* AHA!!!! I got you now!!

  • turns around and stands in one of the Gaidin stances* :|

Arie: *GASPS* OH NOES!!! Not the Mighty Eraser of Oblivion!!!

  • Shields her Sketchbook +7*

You wouldn't dare!!!

Iteran:  :evil

Arie: *Stomps her foot*

| You Shall Not Pass!!
| *Pulls a Gandolf the gray*


Iteran: :rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok.... I got nothing on that!!! :rofl

Gray Exclusive


A few months back, at our Gray party at Kiti's we got her son Austin involved with the pieing and pie making. And in true Gray tradition, he just now got around to giving us his thoughts on the whole thing. :P

Kiti: I know you were excited about the Gray Invasion and gettting to meet the Grays and making pies. What are your thoughts on finally getting to make pies with the Grays?

Austin: It was fun making pies with them. Because I got the chance to be creative and they were coming up with all the ideas while we were making them.

Kiti: Did you get to taste test the ingredients before you put them into the pies?

Austin: I got to try the Apples with the spices on them and I didn't eat the dough,,,ewwww.

Kiti: What was your favorite part of the Pie Making?

Austin: Making the dough designs for the pie crust covers.

Kiti: Did you expect your Official Grayt Pieing and initiation as the Gray Mascot? And how much did you love it?

Austin: I haz a Mascot? WOW! No, I didn't think I would get pied but, it was fun cuz, I got to lick all the pie off my face. It was AWESOME and I LOVED it!

Kiti: Is there anything you would like to say to the Grays?

Austin: Thankyou for coming to our house and not anybody elses for the pie making and stuff.

Gray Exclusive


It may or may not have been a year since we last did these, but we decided it was time again for our (mostlyl) Annual Gray Ajah Member Awards!!! Here are the winners:

GRAYbiggestlurker.jpg GRAYcutest.jpg GRAYfunniest.jpg GRAYgrayest.jpg GRAYmostartistic.jpg GRAYmostcreative.jpg GRAYmostsupportive.jpg

GRAYmostknowledgeofwot.jpg GRAYmostlikelytogetarrested.jpg GRAYmostlikelytoprocrastinate.jpg GRAYmostlikelytospendmostoftheirday.jpg GRAYmostlikelytosucceed.jpg GRAYmostlikelytowakeupandfindadeadh.jpg GRAYmostoptimistic.jpg

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