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Policies and Procedures of the Gray Ajah Unofficial Guesting System

The Rights and Privileges of a Guest

With every system, it is always important to balance out rules and regulations with ensuring that all parties involved are protected or at the very least clear on what is expected of them.

  • Obviously, an Unofficial Guest gains access to the Gray Sitting Room. This is a privilege and much like the guesting Accepted we expect you to be respectful of our members and other guests.
  • Like with our guesting Accepted, you may be invited into our Chatroom (#graychat) in addition to the Sitting Room. The same as above applies.
  • What happens in Gray, stays in Gray. Events, drama, even some of our silliness should not bleed out into any other forum but kept to the Gray Sitting Room.
  • Guests are welcome to have a Gray Guide during their stay in our Sitting Room. Much like how Accepted are given one for the benefits of personal communication in Gray, and how Warders are connected to their Aes Sedai, Unofficial Guests will have the chance to ask questions, problems, or to just connect more with our Ajah through the Guide System.
  • At any time a Guest may be removed with little warning, unless there has been an altercation then no warning is required. This is at the discretion of the Head of Ajah.
  • A Guest may leave the Gray Ajah at any time with a simple emailed request to the Head of Ajah.

Potential Guests

Basic Application Requirements

A guest may either apply to enter Gray or be invited, and the following must be met. Information must be emailed to by all sponsors and the guest applying (if applicable) and once all the information has been collected by the Head of Ajah, she will then post the completed Application in a thread with the required Yes/No polling options.

  • Minimum of 2 Sponsors from the Gray Ajah.
  • An Aes Sedai can not Sponsor their own significant other or any member of their immediate family. (They may still post a positive review in any vote thread in show of their support of the applicant.)
  • Must be in good standing with the members of the Gray Ajah and with TarValon.Net.
  • All sponsors must be found by either the applicant, or the initial sponsor who initiated the process. The Head of Ajah is not responsible for finding Sponsors for any applicant.

Form for Gray to Submit:

  • Applicants Handle: Full Handle Required
  • Applicants RL First Name:
  • Ajah/Company:
  • Sponsor Handle:
  • Recommendation: 1 Paragraph Minimum
  • Any Additional Information:

Form for potential Guest to Submit:

  • Applicants Handle: Full Handle Required
  • Applicants RL First Name:
  • Ajah/Company:
  • Applicant Information: 1 Paragraph Minimum about who s/he is
  • Reason for Application: 1 Paragraph Minimum

Special Warder Clause

Warders of an Aes Sedai of the Gray that has or is retiring or demoting may petition the Ajah without sponsors to continue guesting with the Ajah as an unofficial Guest. Once a former Warder has rebonded they are then required to go through the usual application process.

Former Gray Clause

Members formerly of the Gray Ajah are welcome to guest upon their raising to Aes Sedai of any other Ajah, however is required to spend a minimum of 6 months in her new Ajah before applying.

Period of Guesting in the Gray Ajah

The Gray Ajah Guesting Period consists of a 6 Month period where any guest is welcome. Applications can be received at any time during the year and put to vote within the Ajah's Chambers.

Re-entry or Continuation of Guesting

Once a guest has been accepted and has completed their time in the Gray Ajah, the Head of Ajah will inform this member a week before their guesting time has come to an end to allow them time to say their goodbyes. The Guest may choose to leave or re-apply for continuation of guesting without the Sponsor Requirement. They may do this while still a guest or at a later time.

Re-entry Applicants will be a closed vote with the same voting number system to determine whether a yes or no. The length of stay for a second time will be indefinite, unless rules are violated or should the Gray Ajah choose to have them removed.

  • 01.04.2013 - Changes to Period of Guesting & Re-Entry.

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