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Leora Oldessroth, Retired Red Ajah Aes Sedai and former Keeper of the Chronicles

Senior Member Interview





2 Chihuahuas – Isabella (“Izzy”) and Maia

Favorite Books

Gone with the Wind is an old favorite, I read a lot of romance novels and am currently really into the “paranormal” stuff involving vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.

Favorite Movies

The Pianist, Pride & Prejudice, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde … I like a lot but those off the top of my head

Favorite TV Shows

Project Runway, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, True Blood, Top Chef, American Horror Story, Suburgatory, The Vampire Diaries


Cooking/Baking, Reading, Trying New Restaurants, Going to see plays/musicals/ballet/etc

If I could travel anywhere it would be to

Galapagos Islands

I chose the Red Ajah because

I love the ideas that we stand for. Strength, honesty (even if brutal), independence. They are things I strive for in my own life. The Red Ajah reflects things I value in “real life.”

Positions I’ve held within the Red Ajah

Heart, Sitter, Head

Positions I’ve held around the site

Research Assistant, I've moderated the Book forums and Current Events, I've been Guildmaster for the Innkeeper's Guild, I've served several terms in the Hall, I've been the Heart of the Red Ajah, I've been in the Legal Department and the Assistant to the Amyrlin. Keeper of the Chronicles since 2011 Anniversary Party.