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Author: Elyss Koh'inor, April 2018

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We celebrated at this year's Anniversary Party from the 16th to the 19th of March, so the Tar Valon Times is presenting the Events Forum this month as part of our Forum Focus series!

The Events Forum has all the information about Tower-Related events going on around the world. There are several subsections to the forum itself, each dedicated to a certain type of event or geographic region.

Local Events: Members attending a local convention, traveling to a new area, or just looking to hang out in real life with fellow members can come to the Local Events subsection. Here you can log local events, connect with members close to you, and make fun travel plans.

Official Conferences: With JordanCon 2018 fast approaching, the Official Conferences subsection is hopping with people making plans and getting excited! This is where TarValon.Net members plan to meet up at official conferences and plan shenanigans. If you're planning to attend JordanCon this year or any upcoming year, this would be the place to connect with other members.

Continental Europe: Looking for information on EuroParty? Planning, questions, registration, and details can be found in the Continental Europe subsection. Many of the threads in this subsection are brand new as of the 4th of March, so check it out!

Anniversary Party: Glitter Catastrophes, picture threads, details, registration, more pictures, and well-wishes as people (reluctantly) return home, the Anniversary Party subsection was busy this month with all of the happenings in Boise, Idaho. Check out this subsection of the Events Forum for information about Anniversary Parties.

Britain & Ireland: The Britain & Ireland subsection has been a little quiet since fall of last year, but check in here for more information about future events. Like with the Continental Europe and Anniversary Party subsections, this subsection will be full of helpful information and fun mementos.

North America - Fall Ball: This subsection may be silent now, but with Fall Ball 2018 in Sleepy Hollow, NY in October of this year, you can expect plenty of information further down the line!

South Pacific: Another geographically based subsection, the South Pacific subsection focuses on local events and planned parties in, well, the South Pacific. Come here to check out local event for this region and meeting up with other members while traveling.

Connect with other members and help prepare for events around the globe. The Events Forum has so much to offer!