February 2018 Wrap-Up

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Author: Elyss Koh'inor, March 2018

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February brought the Member's Choice Awards nominations and voting, a couple new positions filled, and a couple positions opened. We welcomed a new Recruit, and looked for locations for next year's Anniversary Party. Here's to the shortest month of the year, come and gone!

13 Feb: Lokadien Vianharl raised to Recruit

6 Feb: Ty al'Djinn named Company Commander of San d'ma Shadar
22 Feb: New members of the Outreach Activities Team announced

1 Feb: Hiring for Director of Community Outreach (applications closed 23 Feb)
13 Feb: Hiring for Mistress of Revels (Europe) (applications close 20 March)

3 Feb: Bids requested for the 2019 Anniversary Party (deadline 1 March)
25 Feb: Location and other details announced for Fall Ball 2018

1 Feb: Members Choice Nominations were opened
17 Feb: Members Choice Voting opened
19 Feb: Amyrlin's Champion Policy announcement