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Author: Jeffan Caliarthan

As we all prepare for Anni, the Tower is busier than ever!

A new blog series and giveaway was announced by Vivianna Sedai on the first of the month. Every three weeks, an Executive or Officer at the site is going to be posting a review of a Wheel of Time novel, in order, for all of us to read and discuss. The first post, New Spring, reviewed by Serinia Sedai, was posted on the 10th, and you can read it here!

It was also announced that the final volume of The Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light, is due out January 8th, 2013!

Ubahsur Sedai, our fabulous Director of Administration, promised to give away a t-shirt from Ta’veren Tee’s to a random person who filled out the Membership Survey last month. Tazren was announced as the lucky recipient - congrats!

At Anni, we give away two sets of awards: the Members’ Choice Awards and the Amyrlin Awards. We are currently seeking nominations in the 33 categories we have this year for the Members’ Choice Awards, and Vivianna put out a call for suggestions for those that should receive an Amyrlin Award. Check out both threads and go nominate people!

As with every February at the Tower, <the Gray Ajah hosted their Valentine’s Day Match-up, where members were asked to fill out a short questionnaire and, in exchange, they would be set up with a partner for Valentine’s Day! Well, this year, they went above and beyond - instead of setting up partners, which anyone could do, they set up harems! Go see the results!

Finally, as most of you should remember, we had a Free Week this month in celebration of raising quite a bit of money for the Feast of Lights fundraiser (from two years ago...). We have an article about it in this issue, so check it out! If you haven’t already, you should change your avatar back to your original avatar, as demanded suggested by Serenla Sedai.

And here are our monthly chat statistics for #wheel, as presented by Mejjad Martnandi!

Less people checked in in #wheel this month, 199 nicknames were caught in the IRC stats. January had 262 visitors. The activity almost decreased by half, and last month's winner, Onis O'leia, found herself on third place! North wrote 2709 lines, and with that he won the spam contest this month. Shendare came second.

Tar Valon's females were all in all much more active than the guys this month, 30969 lines, compared to the guys' 28707. However, the SDS was the most active group.

A few stats:

  • North wrote the most lines.
  • Amarande mentioned the most Wheel of Time references.
  • Amarande also wrote the most smileys.
  • Imzadi greeted people 406 times! One hundred more than the second top greeter, Kassidy.
  • DarianC liked talking about himself - 319 descriptions altogether.
  • North spoke the most monologues - he wrote over 5 lines in a row 18 times...
  • Narysse couldn't decide what she wanted to be called. She wrote with at least 20 different nicknames!

Let's finish with some random quotes.

WilCambrae: "Yeah, I remember being a geek and printing out the Who's Who when I went to my first Tower thing..."

Pol: "I filled up all my active threads already. >.>"

Jeffy: "Just because we're ops doesn't mean we can't be ridiculous..." CharisD: "<i>They discovered my dust bunny army."

And now a master list of everything that happened at the Tower this month:


Feb 4: Venric Methalion is raised to Soldier

Feb 7: Kyana Forsyn is raised to Novice

Feb 13: Alyssa Letherio is raised to Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah

Feb 16: Laralelle Susandrea is raised to Aes Sedai of the White Ajah

Feb 22: Stephen Lightheart is raised to Gaidin of San d’ma Shadar


Feb 14: Mical al’Dheavorn aspired to MDD

Feb 14: Imzadi Hopewind aspired to the Gray Ajah

Feb 25: Sarramy diLuna aspired to the Green Ajah


Feb 21: Lireina Dormerus of the Green Ajah and Azi al’Thone of San d’ma Shadar


Feb 5: Tower Voice (Applications closed on the 20th)

Feb 19: Mistress of Accepted

Feb 21: Director of Technology


Feb 24: Tree Sedai is announced as the first Membership Activities Coordinator

Feb 29: Laralelle Susandrea is announced as the next Tower co-Voice


Feb 16: Spotlight On: Loreniel Killan, External Marketing Coordinator

Feb 20: Thanks for all the fish... er, Survey responses!

Feb 28: Our 2012 annual member’s choice award nominations are up!