Fall Ball 2013 Schedule

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Schedule for Fall Ball 2013


  • 1PM – Welcome Committee members begin to arrive at the hotel
  • 3PM – Official check-in Begins
  • 3PM - Oktoberfest themed meet and greet party begins
  • 6PM - Magic: the Gathering Draft and Pub-Trivia Commences
  • 11PM – Opening Ceremonies (or once everyone is back from all the things)


  • 9:30AM - Head to Temple Square for a free tour! Be at the gates no later than 9:45PM.
  • 11-12:30 - Lunch on your own or join the group at City Creek Center food court
  • 12:30-5PM - Break Out Tours. Choose from:
  • 6PM – Meet at the hotel and head over to Faustina restaurant.
  • 7PM – Dinner Served
  • 9PM - Party like Karaoke Rockstars back at the hotel


  • 10AM – Hotel checkout
  • 11AM – Farewell brunch