Euro Party 2019

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Euro Party 2019
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Date October 4-6, 2019
Local Liaison Theolyn Maryash and Luna Morn

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TarValon.Net held Euro Party 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia, October 4-6.

Two competing logos tied for first place in the poll.


By: Ilverin Matriam

Euro Party 2019 was held in Belgrade and I really enjoyed the fact that it was so close to my home country. The city, its history, the people and the whole night life were very close to what I know, so I felt really comfortable. I imagine it was much more foreign for the rest of the people, but I certainly hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

After all of the attendees were assembled (Avengers Assemble!) on Friday, we had the usual toast, everyone said a few really nice words.

Saturday began with everyone going together as a group to Kalemegdan, the Belgrade Fortress, and we kept together until the end of the tour (tour guides were Theo and Luna), which was surprising, since I know how big groups can just split up and everyone goes their own way.

The most important event was Saturday night! We had two amazing Accepted raised to Aes Sedai and I was so happy to have witnessed their raisings. The celebration afterwards was held in a traditional Serbian pub and everyone got to taste tradition Serbian dishes!

What I enjoyed most this Euro Party was that each night all of us would sit down at the hotel's lobby and just chat! Just chat about random things, everyone had their opinions and no one was shy or afraid to speak up. Also, group pictures are important and I am happy that everyone made the efford to be on the group pictures. They will last long and we will be able to remember the good times of Euro Party 2019 :D


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People visited many local sites, such as Kalemegdan, the Church of St. Mark, the Saborna Church, the Bajrakli mosque, a synagogue, the National museum, and Republica Square.





The charitable focus of Euro Party 2019 was Beogradske mačke, a group that takes care of abandoned kittens, spays and neuters stray cats, pays vet bills for sick and injured strays, and tries to find homes for strays. Donations accepted were cash and cat food. 14,000 RSD was collected while in Belgrade, and some people continued to make PayPal donations afterwards.


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