Elisa al'Seen

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Elisa al'Seen is a woman from Emond's Field and is Jac al'Seen's wife. She has a lined, motherly face and graying hair and looks older than Verin.

She greets Perrin, Verin and the others when they come to the al'Seen farm to convince them to gather in Emond's Field. She welcomes Perrin to stay as long as he likes. She does not believe that Perrin, his family, or the ones captured by the Whitecloaks are Darkfriends, whatever anyone says (TSR, Ch. 32).

She and Jac introduce "Lord Luc of Chiendelna" to their guests (TSR, Ch. 33).


"It is an honor to have a real scholar under our roof, yet Jac is right," she said firmly. "You truly are welcome to stay here, but when you leave, you must go immediately to a village. Traveling about isn't safe. The same goes for you, my Lady," she added to Faile. "Trollocs are not something two women should face with only a handful of men for protection." (Mistress al'Seen to Verin and Faile; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 32)