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Calendar by Arisaema Draconis

  • November 25-December 31: White Tower Volunteer Drive - This is the time of year we host a friendly competition between Citizens, Novices, Recruits, Companies and Ajahs to be "Servants of All' in our Real Life Communitees. Awards will be presented shortly after the new year once results have been tallied and evaluated. Be sure to sign up and begin making your difference in the world now.
  • December 3: Free Day: Danshu - Let us celebrate the coming of winter with a party! Dress up your avatars in winter cloaks and scarves and snow and drink hot chocolate. December *8-14: Hanukkah Jewish Holidays
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 26-January 1: Free Week: Feast of Lights - Celebrate the end of the year by filling your life with lights!
  • Atlanta party - New Year's party in Atlanta, GA.

News by Al'Cary Mandoragon

Dable Brothers, producers of New Spring, have released several images for WoT fans to drool over. New Spring should be released by early 2005.

The Fall Ball was a huge success this year, and for the first time it lived up to its name, with the centrepiece of the event actually being a ball. Much fun was had by all, and, for the first time, a series of ceremonies based on the ones from WoT and developed by Eleyan Sedai and a group of Senior Members were performed with great success. The next major Tower function will be Down Under, with the Tower Party Australia kicking off in January 2005! celebrated Halloween in style this year, with brilliant costumes ranging from the disgusting to the ridiculous and everywhere in between. The Tower exploded in a rush of fun and festivities for the week-long holiday, and we can only imagine what the celebration might be like next year.

Robert Jordan has been seen answering questions! Robert Jordan's offcial website, through TOR, has been posting the answers to some of the thoughtful questions asked by fans. The "Question of the Week" section continues to be one of the most exciting parts of the site, and we reccomend all fans go and check it out.

Birthdays at by Al'Cary Mandoragon

Cyn Windbourne-1st
Varleyna Nidir-3rd
Arcadia Aerin Saberheim-4th
Ravid Lemaine-6th
Saerin Alagondar-7th
Valorian Edoras-7th
Elanda Tonil-7th
Sunri Sewatcher-7th
Seraphim al'Doren-10th
Aryawnah Federov-12th
Bowyer Tirstaun-13th
David Madore-14th
Atarah al'Norahn-17th
Rollyn Montagorae-19th
Jorryn Gaille Varna-24th
Val a'Shain-27th
Melyssa Ta'Jammal-27th
Marlinya Nedruine-28th
Jayna al'Taryn-30th

Product of the Month: Junfir Glass by Kyla Sterling

As some of you may know, our very own Micah Junfir Gaidin is an accomplished artist in stained glass. I was privileged enough to receive a piece of his Ajah glass as a gift at the Fall Ball, and I can attest to its quality and beauty. I've received compliments on it from friends who have never heard of the Wheel of Time.

Micah Gaidin currently has stained glass pieces in all seven Ajah colors and is currently working on the three Company colors, as well as busily designing some seasonal pieces (winter, spring, summer, autumn). I highly suggest heading to his website and giving his pieces a look!

Art Review by Shamal al'Cain

Katarianna's Lanfear reflects the dark yet serene character of Lanfear, capturing the very essence of the Forsaken. The high, dramatic cheek bones and splashes of color seem to smooth through the picture and cause Robert Jordan's character to spring to life. As though seen through a dream, her eyes offer a portal to the world of The Wheel of Time that can only be created through art and literature. This is a truly inspiring work that has added volumes to our already extensive vaults.

Site Highlight by Cursor Wrathwind

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power. This may be a hackneyed clich' that you've probably heard more times than you ever wanted. Yet there is something about the phrase that rings true. Could the taking of the Stone of Tear, the most powerful fortress in the world, have been accomplished without Julin's knowledge of secret entrances? Probably not. Could the Two Rivers have survived the Shadowspawn attack without foreknowledge of it? Again, probably not. Knowledge is power, and what better way to gain knowledge than through our own library?

The Tower library here at is more extensive than you may think. Managed by Lyssandra Sedai, our library encompasses forums dedicated to discussion and theories on the books (with minimum spoilers due to dividing the forums according to how many books you have read), a forum for literature and fiction that is not Wheel of Time related (believe it or not, there IS such a thing), and a forum for projects, where members of the site propose, plan and gather support for various beneficial projects.

And there is more! A quick visit to the library reveals the resting place, the "shelves" if you will, of numerous helpful articles written by members of Tar Valon. Want to know how to make that Spiced Wine Rand is constantly drinking? Take a look into the recipe section. Want to compare the military tactics of Wheel of Time to those of the real world? Check out the essays in the military section. From parallels to theories, poems and fanfic to recipes, the site library has it all. You don't even have to make a special trip. Knowledge and power are only a few clicks away.