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This article was written by Kytheria al'Shea, Recognitions Coordinator for a series of articles about Ajah contributions.
~Reprinted with permission of Kytheria Sedai (10/30/08)

One membership group at a time…

I’d like to spread the word about what our site members are doing within their respective membership groups. If you are a Novice or a Soldier, say, you probably have little to no idea as to what contributions the members of the Red Ajah or SDS are making within their groups, for example, and vice-versa. Without giving away any trade secrets of each group, I’d like to present members and their contributions to continue the spread of awareness as to the time, skill, and dedication our members donate every day. If you have more to add, feel free to respond with your comments, praise, etc.

First off, here’s to the White Ajah contributors!

Within the ajah:

Rehtaeh is the Head of the White Ajah, also called the First Reasoner. She handles all membership issues within the ajah and generally (and logically) leads the Whites, donating her time and efforts in a multitude of ways.

Chria is the current Heart of Ajah.

Natalya is a Sitter and Chat Mistress of the White Ajah.

Aidan is a Sitter and Chat Mistress of the White Ajah.

Isarma (White Aspirant) is the new Soul of the ajah. Congrats! She has also been a researcher in the Department of Research.

Keisha is the founder of the new White Lab Report, which is a fun newsletter that helps keep the rest of us informed about who the Whites are and what they're up to. Keisha is also an active presence around the boards, and is helpful and welcoming to new and junior members.

I would also like to recognize Andra, because she is one of the most active Whites at present (and has been since she joined), and she is always helping junior members, which is fantastic. She is a major presence in the White Tower forums, socializing with the Novices and Accepted. Loira is another very active and friendly White who puts a very friendly and sociable face on the White Ajah. Thank you both for being so welcoming to all members!

Sitewide positions held by Whites:

Dralyn is the Keeper of the Chronicles. She does an amazing job of keeping (ha) the entire site and community up and running. Somehow she manages to be just about everywhere and on top of just about every issue.

Zhareen is the Director of Technology. Her many contributions were outlined in a previous Recognition, but she does so much for the site and the community--much of it behind the scenes/not readily visible--that it is certainly worthwhile mentioning her efforts once more.

Lyara is a member of the Online Events team, which works to make our site events and holidays fun. She is an active and friendly presence around the boards.

Enya has recently aspired White, and she is the new Guildmistress of the Artisans Guild! \o/

Chria is also a current moderator in the Technology & Media forum.

Tyeslan is another researcher in the Department of Research, bringing new facts and articles to our site Library.

Annouk is a member of the Department of Technology, which keeps our site up and running. She helps troubleshoot site issues and works on other IT projects for us. I also know she is generally quite helpful and prompt!

Thank you to the Whites for your time and efforts on behalf of the community, both within and outside of your ajah!

Additions have been made to reflect some new positions and some mentions from other members, as well as a greater breadth of White contributors. Thank you all! :D

For a list of random contributions made by White Ajah members, have a look here: Category:White Contributions