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Dragon*Con Through the Years

Euro Party Through the Years

2nd Anni Party, Fairview, Tennessee, 2003

4nd Anni Party, Denver, Colorado, 2005

5th Anni Party, Corpus Christi, Texas, 2006

Back: Naomi Sedai, Eniara Sedai Middle:Adolla Sedai, Ismene Sedai, Nadine Sedai(Retired), Sela Sedai, Allin Sedai, Laithean Sedai, Caia Sedai (Retired) Front: Accepted Cassie

7th Anni Party, Estes Park, Colorado, 2008

Back: Wil Gaidin, Dracaenna Sedai, Sean Gaidin, Adolla Sedai, Marlinya Sedai, Darim Gaidin, Riley Gaidin Middle: Cassie Sedai, Serenla Sedai, Laithean Sedai Front: Shara Sedai

9th Anni Party, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, 2010

10th Anni Party, Charleston, South Carolina, 2011

11th Anni Party, Estes Park, Colorado, 2012

12th Anni Party, Fenton, Michigan, 2013

Alexstrasza Sedai, Venric Gaidin, Wil Gaidin, Stasia Sedai, Shendare, Lillian Sedai

14th Anni Party, Cartersville, Georgia, 2015

Alexstrasza Sedai with Lex, Ashlyn, Stasia Sedai, Serenla Sedai with Creepy, Drake Gaidin, Lillian Sedai, Aintza, Nethanel Gaidin, Wil Gaidin, Naomi Sedai, Venric Gaidin

16th Anni Party, Estes Park, Colorado, 2017

17th Anni Party, Gooding, Idaho, 2018

Fall Ball 2011

JordanCon 2012

JordanCon 2013

JordanCon 2014

JordanCon 2015

Shendare, Shara, Venric, Alexstrasza, Shaerlyn, Ciaran, Rhed, Sulamein, Serenla, Amela, Doll

JordanCon 2016

Group Photo at Brown Toast

JordanCon 2017

JordanCon 2018

JordanCon 2019

Real Life Raisings and Bondings


Google Hangouts




Other Random Brown Pictures

Visit the Brown Ajah HQ