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{{Main|Comic-Con 2005 Picture Gallery}}
{{Main|Comic-Con 2005 Picture Gallery}}
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[[Category:2005 Parties]]
[[Category:2005 Parties]]

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Comic-Con 2005
Location San Diego, California, USA
Date July 14-17, 2005
Local Liaison None

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TarValon.Net organized a member gathering during Comic-Con 2005 in San Diego, California, USA, July 14-17. The convention featured Robert Jordan and a promotion for the release of New Spring the comic book.


By: Ciaran al'Trystan in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

Well, someone has to be first.

I just went down for the dinner and after dinner laugh fest in Mother's room. It was an absolute blast! Everyone was really easy to get along with (I think I might have bored everyone to tears about armor and stuff though...) and it was a great evening to just get to know each other and laugh, and laugh, and I think there was more laughing, and maybe even some crying from the laughing.

Okay, I broke ground, everyone else that was there more can post now too!




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