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Brown Ajah Bulletin – February/March edition

(Editor: Adolla Ceryia)

Talking Head – Words from Cassie

It has been a very busy couple of months for me, both on and offline and so I really have nothing cute or funny to type here. As I’m sure you can see, we’ve got a substitute Editor as Taika, who has done a fabulous job of editing the Brown Bulletin for a couple of years now, needed to take an LoA. Thanks to Adolla for stepping up and putting this edition of the Bulletin together.

Time for congratulations! This month we welcome Kyyri as a full sister. Everyone give a big curtsey to Kyyri Sedai! Also in February our very own Laithean Sedai welcomed her beautiful baby daughter to the world. Congrats sister!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our February babies

Sela February 15th

Soronhen February 15th

Keara February 22nd

Laithean February 23rd

Sean February 27th

Also a Happy Birthday to our March babies

Sirena March 15th

Viola March 15th

Stasia March 17th

Miriya March 26th

Warder Recognitions Aves

(by Serenla Tamowith)

I'm supposed to write a lovely poem or Haiku of praise for my Warder. However, I fail at creative writing. Aves. MDD. He's surly, sarcastic, lurks a lot and refuses to kiss butt. I just call him mine.

Meet the Browns Part II

Cassie Dainar (by Cariyad Teridal) Tell us a bit about your IRL self. What do you do for a living? My RL self is pretty boring. I'm 29, live in Alabama, and have two cats. I don't have a lot of hobbies, no time for them. What little time I'm not at work I spend reading or working on crafting (cross-stitch, crochet, things that are easy to put down for months at a time).

As for my RL job, that's a bit more interesting. I'm studying to be a Senior Reactor Operator. In simple terms, I'm going to be in charge of the operation of a nuclear reactor. Right now I'm about 4 months from my license exam. So is nuclear science your favourite area of study, or is there something else that piques your interest? I don't know that I would say nuclear science is my *favorite* area of study, it's just the one that pays the bills.

I do enjoy studying various things in what little free time I have. I am a big fan of language. I have, in the past, studied French, Spanish, and Japanese. At present I'm trying to relearn Spanish. Mostly so I have a better idea what the Rosetta Stone program is trying to teach me for when I go back to Japanese . I also enjoy studying various histories and mythologies. At present I'm into Ancient Rome for history and Egypt for mythology. When you first joined, did you have any ideas about which Ajah would become your home? When I first joined the site, I had been on various Role Play sites for years and had always been a Brown. I always knew that I had Brown tendencies, however I was determined to not be a Brown here. That lasted until people started getting to know me. After my first RL event, the Browns had pretty much claimed me and by the time I was raised to Accepted I stopped trying to fight it and just accepted it. Are you glad you finally went Brown? Absolutely! While it would have been fun to guest with the other Ajahs, I can't see myself as ever being anything but Brown now. In your experience, how is the Brown Ajah of different from that of the books? We are fairly similar in a lot of ways, but the biggest difference that stands out in my mind is the physical descriptions. In the books, Browns are generally sloppy dressers who don't care about their physical appearance. None of the Browns I've ever met in real life fit that description at all. I think we do conform to a lot of the other book stereotypes. One final question: what's your favorite memory? I have so many favorite memories, mostly centered around live events. I think if I had to pick just one though, it would be the New Years party in Michigan this year. I bonded the most awesome Warder in the entire tower and also got to hang out with a bunch of Tower folk I don't often get to see. It would only have been better if I'd been able to stay longer.

Tiki Drink of the Month

Tahitian Tattoo

1-1/2 oz dark rum,

1 oz Malibu rum,

1/2 oz spiced rum,

2 oz pineapple juice,

2 oz mango puree,

2 oz cream of coconut,

1 whole banana, peeled

Bend all ingredients until smooth and pour into a chilled tiki mug. Garnish with a pineapple slice.

Brown Poll

This month we decided to find out what the Browns wore to bed. Once again we prove to be a very casual group with fully half of the ajah wearing t-shirts or other loungewear. Surprisingly 18% wear nothing at all and 22% wear only their undies. :shock A mere 9% prefer pajamas. No one admitted to wearing sexy lingerie.

Brown-outs of the month

So I have a contract working down near DC for the Dept of Health and Human Services. It's in a secure building and until I get my badge I have to sign in and show ID and be escorted by another employee with a badge. I have to be there around 6:15am. If I leave Frederick before 5am it's super easy driving and I can get there way before 6. If I leave after 5am traffic is a stand still and I barely make it there at 6. So Thursday morning I get down the road and I have a sudden thought "Where is my wallet?" I desperately dug through my pockets and my bag and looked around but alas no wallet, which meant no ID, which meant no getting in the building at all. L It's now 5:15. I very dejectedly tooked the next exit, about 5 from where I need to be. I sadly watch as the traffic gets slower and slower moving South as I sail up the North bound lanes. I called my supervisor and explained what happened. I get home and found dirty pants, no wallet, looked on nightstand, no wallet. I looked on my desk, no wallet. Then it hits me.... I go back to the car and look under the drivers seat where it sat mocking me.


Three little ones in 3 days for me.. Wed I went grocery shopping.. got home and found out I forgot the toilet paper. Thurs I was going to bake potatoes for dinner.. found out I was out of aluminum foil. Today (Fri) I'm doing laundry.. I tote everything over to the laundry room, get everything in the washers, then realize that I had left the quarters in my apartment.


I made poor hubby search everywhere for my bra just to realize later that I was wearing it.


I came in one morning after helping the lady next door with her cleaning and realized that my husband's work shoes were gone. I stared at his other shoes a moment thinking "Now, why would he wear his work shoes to school?" At that moment, my MiL coughed in the living room, whereupon I realized that it was Saturday (because my MiL wasn't at work) and my husband was at work, not at school.


I had a bad one. I made tea at my gran's....or tried to. She doesn't have a kettle that whistles when the water boils. And I didn't think about setting the timer. So 45 minutes later, my brother finally finds the saucepan, still on the stove, heat still turned to high, boiled nearly dry.


was at home on my own this morning, and, as you do, I decided to have a shower. I thought I would be clever and multi-task, and put on a facemask while I shaved with my new-ish funky vibrating razor.

This didn't work as well as I'd hoped.

Everything was going fine until it was time to take the facemask off. While I was rinsing my face, I noticed this loud, low-pitched humming coming from behind the wall where the mechanics of the shower hides. This rather freaked me out, as in our last house the shower contained no few electrical circuits.

I got out of the shower. I didn't fancy the prospect of being electrocuted when no one would find me for at least three or four hours.

I finished rinsing off my face in the other bathroom, hoping whatever it was that was wrong would sort itself out now I'd turned the shower of. It didn't. For a moment I considered turning the water off at the toby; this is out on the street and I was wearing nought but a towel. Maybe not. Much easier to turn the electricity off, instead.

So I did. Broke a fuse in the process, too, and all for nothing. If anything the noise seemed to be getting louder.

I had a thought. I headed back downstairs and tentatively, tentatively, stepped back into the shower.

Picked up the razor.

The noise stopped.

I'd left the vibrating razor on and lying against the metalwork of the shower, buzzing away to its heart's content.


I hope this comes as no surprise that my Brown out for the month is related to being a mommy now...

Kris, Lynnea, and I were going to our Aunt's house for St. Patty's Day which is about 45 minutes from Kris's house. So I get the baby and myself ready and Kris picks us up after work. I have everything packed and ready so we can leave as soon as he gets there. About half an hour into the drive I realize what I had forgotten... An extra bottle of milk!!! Here we are going to have dinner and I forget the baby's food! Thankfully she was hungry enough to nurse a little while we were there, but she still threw a fit!

Hopefully I will get better at being a prepared mommy or my poor daughter will starve!


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