Brown Bulletin June 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – June edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Time for congratulations!

We’re happy to announce that Rinwyn Sihrera has given birth to a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations, Rinnie and welcome to this world Bethany Aviendha!

Also congratulations to Serenla and Aves who have bonded!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our June babies!

June 2nd – Jennithel al'Stregas

June 16th – Aloren Tarabutton

Tiki Drink of the Month


1 ½ oz. Rum, ½ oz. each: Triple Sec & Lime juice

Shake with ice & pour into a chilled cocktail glass.


Brown Poll - Favourite chocolate
  • Milk chocolate 18% [ 3 ]
  • White chocolate 0% [ 0 ]
  • Dark chocolate 31% [ 5 ]
  • Chocolate with nuts/almonds etc 18% [ 3 ]
  • Chocolate with raisins/bisquits/other added stuff 0% [ 0 ]
  • Anything! 31% [ 5 ]

I notice there isn’t an option for disliking chocolate :look

Brown-outs of the month

Not many this month, sorry guys!


“The other day my husband and I were watching the Little Mermaid and before I could stop myself I asked my hubby what kind of fish "Flounder" was.”


“I'm sure I had some but I cant remember any right now.”


“I was looking for my keys frantically and I finally found them when very frustrated I went for a soda from the fridge and bingo there they were.

When trying to change the RAM in my cruddy CPU I have when I got it all put back together it would not turn on and for two days I could not figure it out but then I saw somehow the wire connecting the power button to the mother board was disconnected and I felt like a dumba**. Though cut me some slack as the part it plugs into looks like it could hold a much larger connection and it does not look as if it belongs there.”

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