Brown Bulletin April 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – April edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Time for congratulations!

We’re really happy to welcome home our newest Brown Aes Sedai, Lillian DeMeur! Congratulations, Lilli, we love you!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our April babies!

April 1st – Taika Vinh

April 20th – Lealenya Terim

Latin Quote of the Month by Cicero Dustbunny

Unfortunately, this month the most Honourable Cicero D was unable to present his wise words to Tarvaloners. L Better luck next time.

Tiki Drink of the Month

Banana Boat

Equal parts of: Tia Maria, Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps and Myers Rum Cream.

Layer in exact order into a Shot or Pony glass.


Brown Poll - Favourite time of day

The Bulletin editor’s brain is still tired (yay for babies!) and that’s why the poll’s again rather uninventive ( :look ) The next one will be more interesting, though, thanks to Darim! :D

  • Morning 5% [1]
  • Midday 0% [0]
  • Afternoon 17% [3]
  • Evening 41% [7]
  • Midnight 29% [5]
  • The small hours 5% [1]

So the Browns seem to be evening and night owls :lol

Brown-outs of the month


”Robert has made me drag out and dust off the bread machine. I made a loaf over the weekend and it disappeared. After one of those nights where I didn't sleep at all I went to work on Monday. I decided when I got home I'd surprise Robert and have another loaf ready. I cleaned out the pan washed up the mixing blade and got all the ingredients ready and turned on the machine. I went and laid down for a nap. I woke up and came into the kitchen. Robert informed me that the machine was beeping. I replied that he could have gotten the loaf out if he had wanted a slice. He gave me a funny look. I walk over to the machine and inside is a big lump o goo (tm). Apparently I forgot to replace the mixing blade after I washed it. The flour sorta sat on top of the water and some of it baked into a hard gooey lump. Not exactly what I had in mind for dinner.”


“Three major Brown Outs this month:

1 - Assuming "Lia" in IRC was Laithean when she was really Liathiana. I carried on a 10 minute or so conversation before I finally realized she wasn't Laithean.

2 - Forgetting the real life name of my near-sister on another site as we were filling out our applications to become first-sisters.

3 - Reading a book in our local library and forgetting what time it was to the point that I had to run like mad to catch the bus home.”


“Not being able to remember what I did yesterday - every day.”


“So, I was sending some mail in-game in WoW, and I carefully look at the name to make sure I was sending it to the right person, and still sent it to someone who had a totally different name. Didn't even start with the same letter of the alphabet!”


“I've been sitting at the computer in the university library for 20 minutes with the earbuds to my iPod in my ears....and I never turned the iPod on. I just realized it wasn't even on about a minute ago.”


“My best this month was driving home from work the other morning and thinking how beautiful the sun was when it was full...before I remembered that the sun doesn't go through phases like the moon does.”


“This happened yesterday. Our apartment complex has our mailboxes in groups and you have to have a key to open them. So I went downstairs, walked across the parking lot, then climbed the hill to get to the mailbox. Then I realized I left the mailbox key in the apartment.”


“Background: I temp in restaurants, been in dozen places in the space of two months. Today: I was taking apart the dishwasher as we were finishing the day. I screwed off the small valve and asked the person I was working with whether they preferred to leave the valve out for the night or should I put it back in. She told me to leave it out. I nodded, rinsed the valve and promptly put it back in.”


“I never remember my Brown Outs.”


“Me either Ren. I guess that is my biggest Brown out... Browning out on my Brown outs”

Maddie once more (she’s our Brown out queen! *snuggles*)

“Do sewing Brown Outs count? If so... yesterday I was putting together the shoulder seam on an outfit and had to rip out threads and resew THREE TIMES because I kept putting the wrong side of the fabrics together... ie, instead of front side against front side I kept putting them front side against reverse side.”


“Okay, so I work for a small business as a cleaner. I was taking the rubbish across to the rubbish room yesterday so went to get the key from reception. Walked across the building to the rubbish room and realised... I had the key to the safe. Which is completely different to the rubbish room key. Walked back, replaced key and picked up rubbish room key. Or at least I thought I did. Got back to the rubbish room and the key wouldn't fit in the lock. Turned out it was actually the key to the project room. Hmm.. Back across the building I go. Third time lucky!

You get some strange looks when you're apparently aimlessly wandering around an office building, rubbish bag in hand.”

And Maddie again (lol!):

“I just had another Brown Out.

I was sitting at my PC, chatting in IRC. Earlier, I'd filled a tall cup with iced tea and placed it next to my monitor. Well, when I finished my IRC stuff I couldn't remember where I put it. I wander around the room and even out to the kitchen before asking my husband if he'd seen it.

He gives me a :scratch look and tells me its still sitting right next to my monitor... in plain sight.”


“I had a Brown out last night... I have to write 8 essays that constitute our final exam in my International Travel class. Since we only meet once every few weeks, our teacher has us email them to her.

So... I sent the email both to my teacher of the history portion and as a CC to the teacher of the cultural portion, who I had in class today.

She said, "Amanda... there was a problem with your email..." and of course I was freaking out because I am perfectionistic about my grades, so I asked her what the problem was. "Well, I had a problem opening your attachment, because there wasn't one."”

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