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Contributed by Ma'Sayna Damara, Corence McGregor, Liiane al'Rhuidea, Sparrow.

Be aware that there are potential spoilers about the Wheel of Time books!

My Braid.. My Enemy
By: El’Nynaeve ti al’Meara Mandragoran
El’Nynaeve ti al’Meara Mandragoran explains in this heart wrenching book a tale of woe about her braided locks. For years she has lived with a long braid and has often been at odds with it. The braid has suffered much under her hand as she tugs and pulls at it with the slightest of provocation. This harrowing story will touch your soul and leave you weeping.

Consuming Cultures
By: Egwene al’Vere
Being an Amyrlin Seat is difficult business but it is nothing compared to dancing with Tinkers, running from Trollocs, being kidnapped multiple times, and assuming the identity of every culture you come into contact with. Walk with the Amyrlin Seat through a journey on how you too can steal the important parts of other cultures and make your own.

Chin Lift Your Way to Success
By: Elayne Trakand
Whether you are struggling through the rigors of Novice training, sneaking kisses in the Stone of Tear, holed up in an in Tanchico, hiding in a Traveling Show, running for your life in Altara, or trying to become a Queen you can benefit from this inspirational book on how you too can master the skill of chin lifting. Queen Elayne takes you through step by step instructions on how to strengthen your chin, when to use the chin lift, and the appropriate body language to use with the chin lift. With this book you can conquer anything!

Decorating Your Lair
By: Mazrim Taim
Little is truly known about the man Mazrim Taim but any who enter his abode note his artful design. In this coffee table book you will see exclusive photos of Mazrim Taim’s own fortress of evil. Learn about how the M’hael was inspired to design a look that is both elegant and slightly creepy.

How to Ruin Your Life
By: Elaida a’Roihan (a.k.a. Fluffy)
Sometimes in life you realize that your life is going pretty good. Perhaps you have attained great success and reached your goals to become Aes Sedai or manipulated your way into a key position as advisor for a powerful Queen but you find success is not for you. Elaida a’Roihan, now named Fluffy, will teach you how you too can absolutely ruin everything you have ever worked for. She will guide you through how to be a successful failure.

Living Through Insanity
By: Rand al’Thor (with contributions by Lews Therin Telamon)
Rand al’Thor describes his painful and exciting path through the twisted world of an insane mind. You (ILYENA!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) will find described within (KIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL THEM!!!!!) a story of a man with a voice in his head (They are all crazy!!). You will learn how Rand overcomes the disabilities of being (ILYENA!!!!!!!!!!!) clinically insane and still managing to conquer the world.

Plotting Perfection
By: Moiraine Demandred
This summary is written in invisible super secret One Power ink that you are not allowed to see.

How to Skin a Silverpike
By: Siuan Sanche
In this exciting tale, that actually has nothing whatsoever to do with fishing, silverpikes, skinning, and has absolutely no information about wildlife… you will learn how to overcome adversity. Siuan Sedai takes us through a series of analogies that most readers will not understand whatsoever and you will at times question whether Siuan Sedai has in fact been stealing from the wine cellars. However, if you ponder this book long enough it is possible to make up your own meanings.

Bloody Hell
By: Matrim Cauthon
Matrim Cauthon details a list of one hundreds things and events in which one can only say Bloody Hell! A few include: Snake People, Fox People, Aes Sedai, Maidens of the Spear, and basically any woman who doesn’t land in his bed.. including his wife.

Man of Mystery
By: Thom Merrilin
Styling himself as a court bard, Master Merrilin danced among the nobles secretly pulling their strings. Until one day he found himself in the middle of an Aes Sedai plot that would ruin not only his career but also his love. Doing the right thing is not always an easy choice but Master Merrilin often does so even when the consequences are dire. Is a court bard? A simple gleeman? Advisor to the Dragon? Find out all of his secrets in this autobiography.

He *IS* that Into You
By: Lanfear
This collection of letters written to this elusive Forsaken before her untimely departure from this world is inspiring. Lanfear responds with a candidness that is not unlike Anla the Wise. She coaches women not to fail in their pursuits of love but instead to make a more direct and honest approach. She encourages women not to give up but instead to do anything to get the man they want.

A Saldaean Wife’s Handbook
By: Zarine “Faile” ni Bashere t’Aybara
This handy guide gives advice to all married women, whether Saldaean or not, on how to handle your husband. It is a useful guide on how to be stubborn, willful, ignorant, cruel, possessive, jealous, tender, loving, and absolutely out of your mind. If you follow this handbook you will leave your husband so absolutely confused that you can literally do anything you want!

Trees, Trees, and More Trees!
By Loial Son of Arent Son of Halan
Do you like trees? Of course you do! But not as much as this tree-loving Ogier does! Embark on a journey across lands and Ages as Loial tells you all the things you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask, about trees! Big trees, small trees, they're all trees to Loial, and he loves them equally. Included: The virtues of sung wood, how wonderful it would have been to see an Ogier grove, and a full comprehensive list of, you guessed it, trees!

Short Coats and Breeches
By Min Farshaw
Want to draw men's eyes your way? Want to wear clothes both fashionable and practical? Look no further, Min Farshaw's stunning new look is taking the world by storm. Read about the various places one can hide a knife and the way your tight breeches will drive the men wild. Includes testimonies from members of Cha Faile and a special forward written by Birgitte Trahelion.

Yes We Can!
by Egwene al'Vere Aes Sedai
This inspirational tale of a girl who rose from inkeeper's daughter to Amyrlin Seat in a shockingly short amount of time will rock your socks off... this young woman knew without a doubt that she was right and everyone else was wrong and managed to prove it! By suffering through epic punishments, captivity and oppression, Egwene al'Vere proved everyone wrong... you can, in fact, totally forcibly change the viewpoint of 300+ women to agree with you if you know in your heart that you are right and believe strongly enough in your own awesomeness. Clap if you believe in fairies! Egwene al'Vere shows us that you, too, can achieve impossible goals... by believing yes, you can!

Subservience 101 : How to bend powerful people to your will.
By:Various Suldam
Everyone knows Aes Sedai are considered powerful! This insightful book will give you instructions on how to turn the web-weavers into your own personal toy. Starting with leashing , this book details the process of breaking and training, so you get a perfect damane all for you! Learn to whip, pinch, sting, and boil with your mind! This instructive tome shows you how to reward a good damane, and how to thouroughly destroy the will of any who resist you. With contributions form over 34 suldam, this book says it all! Have fun !!! (fully illustrated)