April 2018 Wrap-Up

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Author: Elyss Koh'inor, May 2018

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We celebrated Bel Tine and the tenth anniversary of JordanCon this month, along with welcoming members to new ranks and positions. Two bonds were forged live at JordanCon and a Gaidin swore to defend the Tower before the Amyrlin Seat. Applications are still open to become the city of Tar Valon's next Mayor, and merits were awarded for the month of April. Here's to another month come and gone here at TarValon.Net!

17 Apr: Anujun Trahearn raised to Accepted
20 Apr: Tannin Venatrix raised to Soldier
23 Apr: Calen Velervron raised to Gaidin of Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb live at JordanCon
25 Apr: Fearghall Hameldon entered the Tower as a Recruit
26 Apr: Kelvin Sinclaer raised to Soldier

23 Apr: Asandra al'Terra and Jalen te'Kreg were bonded before the Amyrlin live at JordanCon
23 Apr: Shendare Doanshar and Cataia Sylvianya were bonded in the light live at JordanCon

3 Apr: New Welcome Committee Members Announced
10 Apr: Members of the Summer Hall Announced
13 Apr: Aduiavas Ida named Mistress of Revels (Europe)
14 Apr: Ivanor Winshaw named Conference Coordinator

14 Apr: Hiring opened for Tar Valon Times Reporters (applications closed 30 Apr)
23 Apr: Hiring opened for Mayor (applications close 14 May)

20-22 Apr: Members attended JordanCon 10 in Atlanta, GA.

10 Apr: April Merits Awarded