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The Trivia contest was hosted by Aldus Tyloredrid and Xylina Tyloredrid

BOOKS 1 – 4

  1. Name the 13 Forsaken. Which of them are killed in The Eye of the World? A: Aginor, Asmodean, Balthamel, Be'lal, Demandred, Graendal, Ishamael, Lanfear, Mesaana, Moghedien, Rahvin, Sammael, & Semirhage. Killed: Aginor & Balthemel
  2. What does one use to open a Waygate? A: A removable Avendesora leaf
  3. The Horn of Valere was stolen from Fal Dara along with what other item? A: The Ruby-hilted Dagger

BOOKS 5 – 8

  1. Elyas Machera was a Warder before fleeing the White Tower, due to the harsh treatment of Red Sisters who thought his communication with wolves was connected to the Power. What is the name of the Sister he was bonded to? Bonus points if you can name her Ajah too! A: Rina Hafden of the Green Ajah (accept the name Rina without last name, only first name is mentioned in PoD)
  2. Name the present nations of the Borderlands. A: Shienar, Kandor, Arafel & Saldaea
  3. Why can no one person use Callandor safely? A: It is flawed, lacking the buffer that sa'angreal have to keep a channeller from drawing too much power. The only safe way for a man to use it is linked with two women, with one of the women guiding the flows.

BOOKS 9 – 11

  1. What color are the tiles in the White Tower outside the Mistress of Novices office? A. red & green
  2. Congratulations! You've just captured one member of a Heart of the Black Ajah. How many other Black Sisters can you count on her knowing the names of? A: Three (the two other members of her Heart plus one more)
  3. What do the Seanchan call Darkfriends? A: Atha'an Shadar


  1. What word in the Old Tongue means "Daisy"? A: Mageen
  2. What is the name of the Stedding closest to Mayene? A: Stedding Shangtai
  3. Who are Rand al'Thor's birth parents? A: Mother – Tigraine of Andor/Shaiel of Far Dareis Mai. Father – Janduin, clan chief of the Taardad Aiel


This was the final question.

  1. When the original Band of the Red Hand was defeated, who avenged them and how? A: Queen Eldrene of Manetheren. Upon feeling King Eamon's death, she drew so much One Power that she obliterated the leaders of the Trolloc army and also destroyed herself and the city in the process.

The tie breaker question wasn't needed, since there was a clear winner.