Anniversary Party 2010 Schedule

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Schedule for 9th Anni

Friday 3/19/10

2 pm

Registration and Welcome Mixers will begin

Beginning at 3pm the Welcome Committee will be ready to start checking people in, here you will get your finalized room assignment, name badge, welcome bag, official anni program and lots of cool swag.

Also a name will be attached to your back and you'll get a card that looks like BINGO. Dual game of Bingo and guessing who's name is on your back. Raffle tickets for all, check the back of the BINGO card for official instructions.

Finally, its camp! Time to get your craft on! Colored pencils, glue sticks, paper plates and tape will be available for you to make signage for your cabin/room. Let others know not only who is staying there but that you've got camp spirit and cabin pride.

6pm - 7pm

Committee Meetings

Check with your team leaders to see where and when and if there are some last minute details that need attending or game plans that need to be discussed.


Wenches Assemble in the Tavern

Meet with Miridyth to get last minute instructions and tie on your aprons. Watch out for Riley!

7pm -10pm

Olde Warder and Hen Night

Will include the official Welcome and announcements, the official goldschlagger toast, Raising and Bonding ceremonies, WoT style gambling with Adolla and a Gleeman competition with our Amyrlin Seat.


WoT Dancing with Lyssandra

Come and learn a few traditional steps that will make you the talk of your local Renn Faire from our experienced expert. What could be better than dancing the night away like you’re at the Winespring Inn.

9:30pm -10pm

Ajah's will have the opportunity to break out for Ajah toasts at this time.

10pm on

WoT Drinking Games

WoT Drinking Games and "I never..." in the main lodge. Keep warm and have endless fun with your old and new friends.

Saturday 3/20/10



Get into the lodge early, Magz and her kitchen crew are putting together pancakes!


Amyrlin's Tournament: Archery Competition

Come and test your skills and accuracy with Jadira on the archery range.

11:30am - 12pm

Couples Dancing with Rita and Valo

Valo has assured that he is willing to bust a move, so join these two dancers and learn a few steps. Have a partner, bring them. In case you don't no reason not to join in anyway, partners can be found and you may make a new friend in the process.

12pm - 1pm


Ban and the team will have the grills going and serving up hamburgers, hot dogs and a more gourmet twist to traditional camp food.

1:30pm - 3pm

Trivia Game Show

Join Xylina and Aldus for a WoT Trivia unlike any other, a full on game show. Teams will work together to determine who really is a walking WoTcyclopedia.


Amyrlin's Tournament: Sword Competition

Come and test your skills in the sword competition and be careful not to misstep, our head Marshall Cassie and her crew will be keeping a close eye. Please remember participation in this event is best when you are sober, our Safety Committee will thank you.


Blue Knitting Circle

Grab your knitting needles and some yarn and get crafty with the blues. Learn some new stitches from some of the towers most exceptional knitters. Who knows, you might end up with a scarf to keep warm for the rest of the party.

5pm - 6:30pm

Beer Tasting with Mags, Atreyu and Tree

For pre-registered participants, come and sample fine craft brews and experience beer as it was meant to be.

7pm - 9pm


Pasta perfected by Magz and her dining team. Also remember your wallets for this dinner, the Da'Covale auction will be taking place so you'll have a chance to purchase a da'covale for the evening. *Be sure to have cash (or check) on hand to pay if you plan to bid on a Da’covale!*

9pm - 9:30pm

As everyone is finishing dinner and transitioning into Karaoke mode, Companies will have an opportunity to break away for company toasts.

9pm - on... Karaoke and Dancing

Join us to Dance and Sing the night away, Karaoke your favorite songs or have your Da'Covale sing them for you!

Sunday 3/21/10



Breakfast is served.

Materials and instructions for the Impromptu Costume Contest will be available. Designers, crafters, anyone with imagination is encouraged to take a few hours and create an on-the-fly costume to present at lunch, all participants will receive raffle tickets for the participation raffle.

10am - 11am

CCG How To Class by Valo or Atreyu, got some new cards? Come and learn how to use them and increase your chances of winning the CCG tournament later in the day.


Amyrlin's Tournament: Brainy Obstacle Course

Come and test your skills with quick wits and hilarious antics. Not interested in taking the prize, come and watch anyway.



Baked Potato bar presented by Atreyu and his kitchen crew will be served from 12pm to 1pm Impromptu Costume Contest

As a bonus today's lunch will be supplemented with further entertainment as the Impromptu Costume Contest entries will unveil their creations.

1pm - 4pm

CCG Tournament

The official CCG tournament, bring your cards and see how far you can go. Don’t have any cards? No problem, join in on other card games, board games and generally relaxed fun.

2pm - 5pm

Hitting the Gym

Meet up in the Gym and play. Various balls and equipment will be available, just remember to share campers!


The Amyrlin's Feast

Enjoy the evening and main events, awards and recognitions will be announces, not one but two raffles will take place, the official Costume Contest and for dinner, don't forget the feast!

Monday 3/22/10

8am – 9:30am

Site Cleanup

Everyone will be expected to pitch in to help ensure the site is left cleaner than it was when we arrived. Everyone will be responsible for their own cabin/room. A list of additional responsibilities by group will be posted in the lodge.


Grab-n-Go Breakfast

Breakfast for folks who are in a hurry out of town or just really hungry first thing in the morning, remember to get your things together and that we need to get out of camp on time and leave things clean!


Official Check out


IHOP Takeover- the Farewell Brunch

Headed out Monday and not hurrying for a flight, spend a last hour or so at IHOP getting brunch and saying last goodbye's.