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[[Anni 2010 Picture Gallery]]
[[Anniversary Party 2010 Picture Gallery]]
[[Category:Anniversary Parties]]
[[Category:Anniversary Parties]]
[[Category:Anniversary Party 2010]]
[[Category:Anniversary Party 2010]]

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Anniversary Party 2010
Location Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA
Date March 19-22, 2010
Local Liaison Sorcha Al'Verdan

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The TarValon.net 9th Anniversary Party, which was held March 19-22, 2010.

Here's a link to The Packet.


The Tar Valon Times Article


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First Siblings



Da'covale Auction

The following people offered their services for the Da'covale auction


Amyrlin's Tournament

The Amyrlin's tournament was won by Valorian Edoras. He also took the title of Blademaster.


Main article: Anniversary Party 2010 Trivia

Toral Delvar and his team won the Wheel of Time Trivia contest


Main article: Anniversary Party 2010 Attendance List

More than 70 members from all levels of the Tower attended the party. Europe and Australia were also represented this year in the form of Manon, Lucas, and Leilwyn


Anniversary Party 2010 Picture Gallery